It was cold last night

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Is winter on the way? seems so, not the best summer I have known, whatever happened to the Indian summers we knew when we were young? or did we just imagine them. Had to swtich the heating on the RV at Bath & West as it got cold over night, today when I took Ezzie out with the buggy I was wrapped up in my heavy coat.

OK the sun was out, but there was a cold cutting wind in Kent. My wind chimes are going it out side my office this morning, so will I be firing up the heating soon? had to put an electric heater on in the lounge for an hour last night so yes I think winter is on the way.

Last weekend we were at the Bath & West showground with the funsters, we had a great time and met a lot of faces to go with the posts I see. We saw some new people who just joined us, and were kept entertained by JJ and the solex bike.

If you have not gone to one of the shows and joined in at a meet then you are missing a lot. I recommended it. You will hear the worse singing if you are prepared to stay up late... us we were in bed by midnight so I can deny it .. as in 'I deny it, I demand proof and if that fails I lie....' but seriously we were in bed. Made it hard the next day to wear the badges as everyone you met said so you are one of those that made the noise last night... honest it was not me.

Trouble of wearing the badge, or in my case being a well built chap on a buggy with a great big lump of a St Bernard ..(also with a badge with the name Ezzie on it) with you, means it takes hours to get round the show as everyone stops for a chat.. then you get those that want to stroke Ezzie.... never me!!! but a quick trip round the show is a long long one for us. ..we do not really mind as we have met some interesting people and made some friends along the way.

Even the traders know us by the dog! well better than not being known at all I suppose.

But yesterday I called up Star Spangled Spanner about some items I wanted delivered to Lincoln.. I have spoken to Duncan and his wife many times.. but yesterday Duncan's wife said to me are you Slobadoberbob? Yes I said... I wondered she said.. so even without seeing me in my avitar (picture is of Ezzie) I cannot escape.

Try explaining to a Frenchie ---- i.e Frankie what the handle means.. In the end we explained it is because a St Bernard slobbers.. but how did I get the name?

Another Blog another time... some say I look like the dog.. not sure if that is good or bad!:Blush:
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