It looked abandoned.

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We are back! But at one point we thought we wouldn’t be, thought we would get stuck out there for at least another week which in my book wouldn’t have been any hardship due to me being retired but my partner isn’t, that would have made things a little different I suppose.
Volcanic dust or not the prices of food, beer and clothes isn’t cheap on the island of fuerteventura, there was nothing in their supermarkets that was unless one drank the supermarket home label beer, similar to what one gets here in Tesco’s or Asda.
For a large bottle of San Miguel one was paying anywhere from one euro seventy to two euros forty, it was the same in the bars, some was actually dearer than the bar in our hotel and that was a four star.
One bar we visited most afternoons had a happy hour from ten in the morning until eleven at night and was selling the local brew of ‘Tropical’ for three euros for two pints, all that stopped two days before we were due to fly back, reason being the main Holiday season had started and prices went back to ripping the tourist off once again, it was obvious if one wants cheap beer one needs to stick to mainland Spain and not bother with the islands. Fuerteventura will be nice once it’s finished much like most of the islands in the Mediterranean.
The hotel was spotlessly clean and so was the rooms, the food was brilliant but could at times be not as hot as one would have liked, a lot of the food was kept under heat lights which in my opinion were not hot enough.
The variety of food dish’s were good too, basically something for everyone’s taste, I would definitely go back to that hotel again, we both agreed on that.

Ok who’s going to own up to this one…. see picture below.
Spotted it in a car park just two hundred yards from our hotel.
It never moved all the time we were there and on closer inspection looked as if it hadn’t seen the open road for some time.
I was quite surprised to see this one too…. see second picture.
An English registration and again this Motor Home never moved either all the time we were there.


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