It is not all about Ezzie

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Ok, so you now know about Ezzie, so what about us? yes the boss (the wife) and me. Well we have reached bus pass age now (until the government changes the age that is) I wanted a bus pass, never used it although I reached 60 over a year ago ..I paid out for the photos and applied and I have only ever used it to prove to the Camping and Caravanning Club I was over 55 for the age discount. Mind you I could have shown the B & Q card.. why is it you can only use it on a Wednesday. Me I want the item as always on a Thursday or a Saturday.

Anyway about us (note I said us and not me) .. I am a retired (poor) criminal Lawyer and the boss still works part time for the NHS...yes she is one of those managers they want to get rid of... what will I do for funds to fill the RV up?. In effect we are now both retired and busy as hell.

We started motor homing over 20 years ago when we purchased a Glendale C class on a Mercedes motorhome that never did more than 55 mph regardless if it was up hill or down. Slow slow diesel.

We then made the leap to our first American motor home or RV as we like to call them. That was 30' long and a V8 - Dodge chassis with a Champion Titan body and could sleep 6. Still regret selling it. Worse days work ever getting rid of it. We then had a spell tugging a caravan... that did not last. I like home comforts like a mains tv and microwave and aircon in the living area and a decent fridge and freezer. We had a Dodge Ram Van with electric bed for a while that was a 5.2 V8 and a very pretty van. Had that 6 years before we disposed of her.

Now you will see us about in a 2005 Winnebago Aspect 23D (D does not mean diesel) the RV is 23'9" plus tow bar. There is a slide out which makes a lot more room in side. The chassis is a Ford E350 super duty... what they put American Ambulances on. It has a V10 engine and is 6.8 petrol. Fully loaded. We also pull a trailer that carries the two buggies and my manual wheelchair.

We are the first UK owners and it had one other in the USA before being imported. When we took delivery it had 8,000 miles on the clock and as of the end July 2010 it has now 13,000 miles. We have taken it to the South of France for a month with Ezzie on board... now that is for another blog. So you know a bit about us. If you see us about at shows stop us and have a word. You cannot miss Ezzie the Saint Bernard and me the scruffy one on the red scooter.. cannot speak for the boss on the blue scooter trying to keep up. Rumour is that she is trying to keep up to stop me buying parts for the RV at shows!
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