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We bought our motorhome in Feb 2014 after 6 months of searching every weekend & finally found our van in November 2013 @ the 1st place we set foot in which happened to be local to us.

The reason we bought a MH is because mainly of my sport Kayaking, I got fed up of loading the van (VW T4) only to empty it to get changed & then empty it again & re arrange the inside to sleep in it. I watched some folk back in 2013 loading boats on the roof of there MH & taking it in turns to get changed inside & this just opened my eyes.

I introduced the idea to the missus & she was open to the idea but skeptical at 1st that was until we visited our 1st dealer & spent the day looking at caravans & motorhomes.
Upon our return home she opened up to me & admitted that having seen the vans she had had eough of camping.

So the journey started.......................

We spent months looking & tweaking our original criteria as we found what was suitable for us & what was not until we eventually found our MotorHome an Elddis Autostratus EB SE
The vehicle is a comprimise on all that we have looked at & we believe it is the right compromise which gives us more.

Mandy came up with the name Sopthie as in Sopthie Ellis Bextor & I changed it to Sophie Elddis Boxer as im sure you can see why.

After Deposit:
The 1st thing we done after paying a deposit was join the elddis owners club & spend the next 3 months looking @ accessories & sell my van.

Our 1st Day:
As with any purchase it was an adventure to be remembered, having finished @ 4am i needed some sleep so we was already off to a late start.
We arrived @ the dealers for 11.30am knowing that the guy who does the handovers finishes @ 12pm so we had the fastest handover ever (good job i had the manuals 2 weeks earlier).
We set of fueled up & headed home & once home Mandy dropped off Mother-in-law while I did the shop & loaded up what we though we needed for out 1st night out.

We arrived @ our local site @ 8pm in the pitch black with empty tanks & set about filling & emptying the waste, the front waste tank tap broke on 1st use, the ground was soggy, the weather was cold & the hook up cable only just reached.
Having been shown quickly I accidentally opened the water tank drain tap hence our fresh water didn't last long.

Despite the initial teething problems we have loved every minute & haven't looked back.

We joined MotorhomeFun having debated which group to join & went to our 1st meet in Newbury @ the Southeren Motor Home Show.

Our 1st year will see us as Funsters, Caravan and Camping Club members & Elddis owners members but having already seen more action & bookings in only a few months I think we know where we will be renewing our memberships in 2015.
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