I'm still here.

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No I haven’t been carted away by the boys in blue, just haven’t had time or the inkling to put my thoughts onto Microsoft word.
I was out this morning braking up concrete, getting the ground ready for decking to be laid, will keep you updated by pictures when I actually start to lay the stuff.

My son borrowed my power washer the other day, the next day he brought it back, said it wasn’t working, there was water gushing from the trigger, said to him it was working perfectly well when I used it about a month ago.
Cost me forty smackers for a replacement handle and six mitres of high pressure hose, it all came in a pack from Focus do it all here in Long Eaton Derbyshire.

The Samsung television I bought from a company off the Internet is brilliant and I get £200 cash back from Samsung too. I did my homework first and I reckon it’s paid off the picture is great the best I’ve ever seen.

Ernie paid me a visit today, dropped me a twenty-five pound cheque through me door, that’s twice this year he’s been generous, it will be spent on an Indian meal for two.

My Citroen Picasso failed its MOT Monday, a back box bracket had corroded, the bloke who was doing the service welded it and it then passed.
For the MOT and a full service it cost me £139-10pence.

The Van will need a MOT this year, not sure where to take it for that, I have a garage five minutes away who have had a new high bay installed for servicing high sided vans, they have a bad reputation so I’m a little put off taking it to them, everybody I mention them to say’s don’t take it there even if there’s nothing wrong with it they will make some excuse up so you will have to have some work done to it.

Not going to the club Saturday night am going to a party instead at a house in Donnington village, its one of those where you bring your own food and drink, but I have heard there’s plenty of food and drink to go around even if one doesn’t bring ones own.

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