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Well I came back from our annual ski holiday this year talking as usual about renting /buying a ski place.
Instead of the chat tailing off like it always has done in the past, Martin agreed we could think about renting a place for the winters in the french alps once I retire.
This led to pondering on splitting our house into two flats and selling one and keeping one as a base,
or - current favourite...selling it and buying a 2 bedroom flat for Poppy to use as a student.
Martin then thought of buying a camper van with the equity raised from the house and travelling inbetween ski seasons - ie March to November - all over the continent!
After thinking about how small a campervan was - it took half a day to upgrade our thoughts to a small motor home - one with a toilet, basic shower, and bed above the driver's cab.
We then wore out the Wii button watching you tube clips and started reading 'How to' books and people's experiences, joining forums etc.
I currently have two lists on the go on my phone: Our Big Trip and Big Trip Finances.
Martin found out about 'aires' in France which is free parking with services for motor homes!
Take Pip or not (dog)? After reading security and safety chapters in my book I want to take him. He'll be a great companion, provided we can leave him for periods happily in the van. Company for Martin when I'm off skiing.
Having initially thought about going in summer 2016 - 18 months time, we have just (sort of) decided to go this summer (why hang around?)
So everything has got suddenly really exciting and imminent.
All the children seem Ok with it - Poppy and Dom get a free pad to live in, we get to offer them as many winter and summer holidays as they want. Xmas in the snow a must!
Just got to work out the niceties of winding up my childminding and nursery business.
We've started decluttering and ventured up into the loft. The first thing we found was the artificial xmas tree. We looked at each other and said 'well we'll have hundreds of decisions like this. ' so we threw it out.
This upset Poppy so we have to tread more carefully (of course she could've used it in her new flat with Dom!)
I have now got dates for three of my 6 prams to be sold and picked up.
All the parents of my mindees took it very philosophocally and no-one at all think we are stark raving. The apprentices are sad but I will do my best for them but it was demoralising none the less the first day and I thought cripes we're going to have long faces for six months but luckily they cheered up and were shrieking around the place playing sea monster chase by the end of the second day. I know i am going to miss babies and little children very very much but no doubt will encounter many on our travels.
It is so wonderful that I will never have an Ofsted inspection again and don't even care if I have a complaint now.
My facebook announcement prompted a flood of well wishing admiring messages and about 50 likes which is more than I thought was the sum total of my 'friends'
The family is bickering over where we should buy our two bedroom flat. Poppy has decided she needs the dog with her but in reality we may share her, depending on innoculation policy etc etc.
We have looked at oodles of motor homes on you tube and read about them on our forum Motorhomefun.
The German names: Hymer and Burstner seem current favourites. We plan to use a local place called JustGo to rent one of their motor homes for a weekend and then maybe buy from them too. (Since decided to use Bundesvan when the time comes)
Having spent hours looking for a cheapish winter long let ski pad and failing, I discover that skiing out of a fully winterised van is totally doable so suddenly it gets all exciting again as I envisage touring literally everywhere to ski.
On my day off this week instead of sleeping in like we normally do - we were both awake and ready to carry on planning at 7am so we did - like kids on xmas eve!
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