He's at it again.

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I gather that you are using my name in order to stir up trouble on Facebook.
This is illegal, and, as you have already had a caution from the Long
Eaton Police, I won't hesitate to get them involved again, with the
inevitable consequences that would result with regard to this. My
local police force are familiar with your antics and are good friends
of mine, I would suggest that you cease doing this immediately unless
you want to suffer the stigma of having a criminal record for the rest
of your life.
I haven't bothered you for a while, but you continue to be a
troublemaker for reasons that are beyond me, given your age, I'm
completely baffled by your behaviour.
Grow up and get a life Bip, nobody cares about you anymore.

What can one say to the above apart from here we go again.
The above was sent to me in an email a couple of days ago.
Yep the Braintree gob is flexing his big mouth.
This isn’t the first time he’s laid a threat at my door, he’s been slandering me in open forum but I’ve been ignoring his ranting but one can only take so much, if he does bring the police at my door he’s going to get a big shock, it will be me who will be taking action against him.
Any advice from readers to how to handle this latest threat would be grateful.
By the way, I know nothing about what he is ranting on about.
Any lawyers out there who would like to deal with this twat, unfortunately there is no money in it for you.

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