Got gas?

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It's been a quiet couple of rainy days. I find myself counting down to our next trip out this Thursday, when we'll be heading up to Morecambe for a few nights.

After our last trip out, I realised that we'd lost a nearside marker light - one of the high little plastic lights that are white on one side and red on the other. We brushed by a few low branches and must have flipped off the plastic cover.

I visited my local caravan accessory place today and found that it's a standard accessory, and managed to replace it for £7. Unfortunately I couldn't get just the cover part, but at least it's not a garage repair. It came with a bulb and everything was fixed in two minutes with no tools.

My second job today was to hunt down a gas supplier. None of the garages in Congleton sell bottled gas, but I found a little back-street company that does. They were really helpful to a newbie and sorted me out with a large bottle of propane to replace the small 6kg bottle in there at the moment. I had an old blue butane bottle that's been sitting in the shed for ages, and they did a straight swap. The gas came to about £25. I want to keep an eye on how long it lasts, especially during a cold spring, before I decide whether to look at a Gaslow or GasIt system.

I've ordered two transmitters from, a site I've used many times for cut-price electricals. In the meantime, I'll get the cameras and screens installed this week if I can.
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