Funsters In Morocco Day 5

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Typically the sky is clear of clouds giving way to sheer brightness and the hot sun. The "funsters" and their RVs find themselves breathing inwards whilst twisting and turning their way through the labyrinth of Meknes city streets before entering through the great gates with literally millimetres to spare! Settled into the only campsite which has become very tired looking in its appearance but is adequate for our needs, the "funsters" find themselves resting.
Early evening a fleet of horse drawn carriages arrive to collect the "funsters" for a city tour, before plunging them into the heart of the medina. Meat for the BBQs is on everyones mind, so the meat section greets them full on ..... from the look on all faces I think the "funsters" are seriously thinking about becoming vegans, nothing at the butchers in Morocco is wasted! With meat purchased along with fresh dates, spices and all sorts of other exotic stuff the medina/souks are left unexplored until the next morning.
Grand taxis at the ready see the woman clutching their purses in anticipation of some serious shopping. By early afternoon all are shopped out, purchases ranging from handmade djellabus for the woman, rolls of material [incredible cheap] for cushion making and such like, perfumes and even more spices.
With all purchases stowed away, all fell quite around our camp area, as all participated in a much needed afternoon siesta, brought to a sudden end early evening by the roar of cannons, wailings from the minaret of the Great Mosque marking the end of the days fasting [remember its Ramadam].
With our turn to feast the "funsters" are steered back to the medina to a restaurant for tonights evening meal. "Funsters" were taken aback by surprise on entering the restaurant as it was once part of the original Palace built for the reign of Moulay Ismail in 1672.
With bellies full, all returned to camp for a not to early start next morning.
Where and what next, hope you join me to find out.....
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