Funsters at the Oasis.

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4.30am in the morning and the dying embers of the forest campfire give out the only light, the drop in the nights temperature [60's] was a welcomed break for the previous days heat. The Oasis calls. The "funsters" manoeuvre there way through the high plains along twisting gorges taking in the panorama of Moroccan history which is visable at a glance. This Anti Atlas range is the barrier separating the desert expanses of the Sahara from the fertile plains of the surrounding valleys.
Source Bleu de Meski is next on the agenda, Meski is an oasis that is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors. The pools at Source Bleu were constructed by Foreign Legionnaires. Locals from the nearby village often come to the waters for their daily water supply. The whole area is divided into two different sections. Most visit the first pool, as it is in this first bathing area where the original source of the water can be found. The water comes from a river that runs through the mountain above the pools, and enters into Source Bleu through a hole in the wall of the mountain.
The massive palm trees shade the water, and the local women in their colourful traditional dress, transform the pools into a perfect picture moment. Local legends say that the pools increase the fertility, young girls come to bathe in the waters in hopes to increase their chances of falling pregnant easily. So watch out lady "funsters"!
Arriving at Source Bleu de Meski, Geo stretches, fantastic drive, the best I have even done! With the magnificent desert landscape surrounding them it waits patiently for their arrival. First, the "funsters" overnight at Meski, the oasis of tall palm trees, shady rest spots and cool waters.
All "funsters" make a recce on foot, as the entrance into Source Bleu is narrow, twisty and combined with the straddling palm trees, can cause some head scratching. With a final nod of the heads Lyndon is volunteered as the first to enter the camp. Hooked down mirrors jammed awnings and many cries of, a little to the left, no, now to the right ...... the palm trees won!!! Another short discussion and the best option was for Lyndon to now reverse his way out.

With the RVs now settled above the oasis on the spectacular open plains overlooking the crumbling walls and ruins of the local Kasbah was perhaps a little better offering clear views of a stunning sun set and a short walk to the superb toilets and showers located at the nearby cafe and DD Moroccan office. The evening was spent discussing the past days travels and wait for it ..... remedies for up set stomachs and their cause, whilst over head in the black night skies, satellites and shooting stars parade a show for the "funsters".

With the Guardian arriving [although not needed] to cast his eyes over the RVs for the duration of the night the "funsters" discuss whether he should be given Geo's unpredictable collapsing camping chair, on checking Rays Public Liability Insurance they thought perhaps not! With a peaceful nights sleep calling, tomorrow will offer a tour of the Kasbah, more shopping for those that wish, and the meeting of the infamous "Bennie the Rug" ...........

As I rattle on, trying to put together Rays scribbles of the tour day account of events etc entered into the DD log I suddenly find myself thinking ........ I wonder if this is being read .............. Hope so, catch you later, from me who is keeping the chair warm at the desk ............
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