Funsters Arrive At Marrakech.

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You do not talk about Marrakech. You live it. From the very first moment you see the immense oasis of palm trees, crowned by the grandiose wall of the Atlas mountains in the background, your passions should be aroused by Marrakech. The red city, its profile indented against the pure blue of the sky. The dominating Koutoubia Mosque and its minaret marks a frontier between theold and the new Marrakech. Far from ignoring each other, they are complementary universes, and communicate in an atmosphere of celebration. People of many ethnic influences can be seen in the streets of Marrakech, who,alongside many Europeans and Americans, make up a population united by love for this captivating city. The magnificent residences of the Medina, the palaces of the palm grove, and the houses built of earth, with their terraced roofs open to the sky, creative buildings revealing their owners and architects profound attachment to Marrakech.

On passing through the rampart gates between the modern city and the medina, from the world of today to that of yesterday, Marrakech stays with you for life. Bicycles, motorcycles, carriages and ordinary pedestrains invade the streets and sidewalks.

At night, another life begins for Marrakech. Taking in the cool breeze, acrobats,musicians and dancers perform by the light of fires, and moonlight reveals many silhouettes. Marrakech, transient travellers waiting for their coach at dawn are among the attentive spectators of these artists of the night. The Marrakechis, who adore music and poetry, take great pleasure in watching the performers combine their talents with the accompanying music.

Wat a souk! What a bazaar! These exclamations, which, for better or worse have made their way into many of the world's languages, often give an impression of Marrakech which does not correspond to the extremely neat reality of its bazaars, the babouches, belts, wool, leather, fabrics and caftans are arranged so meticulously that you would hesitate to upset such a display! You can touch the velvety surface of a leather slipper, feel the delicacy of a fabric, smell the tart odour of dyed wool, or even take part in the dreaded by most English, A carpet auction!!!!!

Yves Saint Laurent, another person who fell in love with Marrakech, opens up his Majorelle's garden to the visitor. The painter Jacques Majorelle loved Morocco and Marrakech so much that he lived here up until his death in 1952. He composed his house as if it were a painting, transfigured by his genius for colour. Meet up with Souini, the famous snake charmer, and his cobras.

The outdoor restaurant stands of the Place Jemaa El Fna [Place of the Dead] set up around 5pm. Lit by the brightest white bulbs run by the chubby silver covered Gaz bottle, chefs in their whites, and rows and rows of food stalls, freshly squeezed orange juice stalls and much much more .........
A thousand and one flavours.

Digest, I shall be back later ............... Debbie.
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