Funsters And The Marrakech Souks.

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It was probably with mixed feelings that the traders of the Great Souk watched the “Funsters” exit through one of the Babs [gates] and step back into the “Middle World” that is Marrakech. Yes, like the exotic Camel Trains of the past they were over-loaded and like the ancient traders they had left their victims with a bitter sweet taste and numbness……..Never under-estimate a “Funster” on a shopping mission. Linda had acquired the role of chief negotiator for the purchases a position she relished and excelled at. How it worked was that you picked your item, asked the starting price, smiled politely and then let Linda off her head………It worked 99% of the time. Forget the 50% final price……Linda introduced battered and pushed before finally introducing them to the concept of “Loss-Leader”. I said it worked 99% of the time. The 1% was when a stunned and shocked shop keeper kicked her out of the premises and told her not to come back….......She just smiled and brought the purchases needed next door.

But it was not all shop, shop, shop…….Time was found for evening visits to Place Jemaa el Fna [square of the Dead], Yves Saint Laurent gardens, Carriage tours and much more. Mark, Rory and Geo found an Italian ice-cream parlor where you could experience, in the 90deg heat, that near death phenomenon known as “Brain Freeze”. All, by now over Targined and Cous-Cous’d out used the Pizza restaurant next door.

The extended stay at the Marrakech camp site also aloud much needed lay-ins, afternoon siesta’s and some people watching…….Pam noticed that the German males in the camp, and there were quite a few, spent a lot of time walking around in undersized “Speedo’s”…….This was not a fact noticed by anyone else at the time.

Sadly Marrakech also marked the last significant location the “funsters” were to stay in Morocco. The next day or so was to be spent on the route out and into Spain. Maps were laid out and timetables discussed. With the newly opened Marra-Casa motorway section just a few kilometres from the camp site and further motorway most of the way thereafter, it was decided that perhaps an early start [6.00 am] and a one hit drive was the best option…….

But there was one more night and the night was young………the “funsters” had tickets for the Chaz Ali Fantasia………..

More on this later ..............
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