Friday the 13th!

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I don't believe in luck. I have always felt that you make your own fortune, and when things go right or wrong, it's just chance.

After today, I'm beginning to question that conviction...

I'm fortunate in Cheshire to have so many camping and caravanning stores around where I live. I've been to a few, from the glitzy 'Go Outdoors' in Stoke-on-Trent to the much more 'Aladin's cave' type on the edge of Arclid - a nearby town. I heard from a neighbour that there's a motorhome-specific place in Holmes Chapel (Spinney) so took a wander out there this morning to have a poke around, and maybe pick up a few more bits for the Galaxy.

On the way there in my little VW Polo I could see a red sporty car overtaking the vehicles behind me. Soon enough, he was right behind me and getting closer to my rear. Then a car brakes in front of me and I break quickly too. The sports car driver starts beeping his horn, then overtakes wildly and cut my up. I know I shouldn't react to it, but he gets a swift single-fingered salute.

Then the fun begins, he speeds up, then brakes, speeds up again and brakes, all the time gesticulating wildly in the mirror. I have to say, my adrenaline is pumping now - not a reaction that's going to make me any safer, so I slow down to put a but of room before us, not before blowing him a kiss though. This seems to stop him in his tracks and he drives off to overtake the traffic further up the road, one car or lorry at a time.

I'm shaking a bit when I get to Spinney and calm down a little before heading in. Aggressive drivers are worrying enough, but I hate that it brings about such anger in me too - albeit twenty minutes later when I've worked out exactly what I would have said to the muppet. Definitely Friday the 13th living up to it's reputation.

Anyhoo, Spinney is of the wonderful Aladin's cave variety of store and enjoy a good twenty minutes looking up the long aisles, pulling out some bright yellow levelling chocks, a cable connecter rain cover and short extension lead. I've been after a bit of hose for the grey waste tank, but haven't been able to work out the connector or what size of hose to get. I'd taken a photo and measured the pipe, but the man there said that he didn't know if anything would fit. I bought a single metre of black waste hose to test it out. He suggested using duct tape to connect it up. Eek!

A safe journey back home and the new goodies stowed away, I try out the black hose and it fits perfectly. Actually, nice and tight. There's a little water in the grey tank and a convenient sewer drain next to the van and would you believe it - a metre of hose is perfect. I'll go back there next week and get a longer hose, but for home this is perfect. This must be a bit of good luck!

We have a little chip on the windscreen of the van and rather than worry about it, I'd called Autoglass to come out and take a look. I moved my little car off the drive and moved the van a bit closer to the road for when the glazer arrived. When he did, he explained that the chip was actually an old repair and perfectly safe. Another one for the good luck team.

Then I came to reverse the van back into position.

I put the key into the ignition, but when I turned it - nothing. I did it a little slower, checking for warning lights or click and whistles. Again nothing. Bad luck strike two! Doh!

I go over the manual, but there's no information in there about this. I head back out and carefully go over the fuses in the dashboard. Ahah! A 15 amp fuse appears to have blown. I bought a box full of spares yesterday, so I pop one in where it sparks a little. Should it do that?

Then an alarm I didn't know I had starts keening away!

Hang on a minute - those two fobs on the keys must have actually been for something! I thought the previous owner (or one of them) had taken the alarm with them, and the fobs were just archaic reminders of an old system.

I try the fob and the alarm cuts off. Next the ignition... and one for team good-luck.

Later after I had armed the alarm/immobiliser again I open the rear door to the Van. After a moment or two, the alarm started up, so it looks like it's linked to both doors and in case someone tries to take the motorhome. Bonus.

So all in all, I'm still siding with making my own luck. On the whole, Friday the 13th has been a decent day. :Smile:
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