Friday 26 feb 2010

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Flipinek where did Thursday go?
I’ve been preoccupied with this and that yesterday.

I’ve given what happened Wednesday a lot of thought and decided today [Friday] to make an appointment at my local citizens advice centre to seek out some advice on what to do next regarding the owner of that web site.
I don’t see why he should get away with moaning to the police about a hand full of emails I sent him and then they visiting me asking for me not to send anymore or else.
I smell a rat somewhere and I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.
What I haven’t told you is he works along side of the police in forensics.
My appointment is next month so I have some time to think this out.

Last night was dance night at the Rolls Royce leisure centre in derby.
As you know I like a drink so I drive there and my ‘Partner drives back.
Another hot night, it wasn’t long before I was sweating buckets.
The club I belong to has now brought their own music gear.
The DJ who would normally be playing the music has said he is not going to do it anymore, he was asked if he would consider being the DJ for two Thursday nights out of the month instead of three, he said it wasn’t worth him doing it.
For two Thursdays in the month the club will use their own equipment and the other two will be filled with the DJ who normally does the last Thursday in every month.

We are going out tomorrow to spend some of my money, my ‘Partner’ is wanting a new two seat sofa the reclining type, leather it has to be, colour brown to match the deep pile brown fleck carpet.

Shall tell you how much, and what arm and leg I had to part with.

Bip. :thumb:

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