ellen Sep 30, 2010
We also developed a fuel problem, in our autotrail
cheyenne 840,but we were actually in France.
After filling up at the motorway services, we continued on the last leg of our journey south, a couple of shudders, a
couple of hiccupps, and Tel then pulled off at the next services. My question "why have we pulled off again"
the answer from a very red faced husband "I`ve filled the
b---dy tank with petrol!!!!!!":cry::cry:
It was a Sunday!!! cutting a long and expensive story short
we spent an enjoyable night in a layby after being pulled off the motorway by a kind recovery man. He and his friends returned the next morning to look at the silly English man and sort the problem out!!!!
We had cover with the RAC through the c&c club
service from them was excellent even though we had it all to pay for as the breakdown was due to human error not mechanical breakdown!
I`m only pleased it wasnt me who filled the tank that day!!!!!:Smile::RollEyes: