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We rose fairly early - I've found us doing that in the van. Really, as soon as the sun is up, I want to get the kettle on.

When the rest of the farm was up, I managed to find the young farmer's son we've nodded to over the last couple of days and he pulled us out of the wet grass with the tractor. We left a couple of decent holes behind for them to remember us by.

We took the M6 South for a few junctions and wound our way to Southport for lunch.

We've learned to stick to A-roads in the Galaxy - it just makes life easier, and for the most part it works. We stopped on the outskirts of the town at a Tesco's for food shopping, and we got to try parking in a busy supermarket. I was surprised to find that the van actually fits between the lines of a parking space. It's much longer than a car of course, but if you can find two spaces, it's fairly easy.

Oddly, I was much more nervous of leaving the van unattended in the car park than I would be on a campsite, and have resolved to find a safe (or two!) to fit for when we're away for longer periods.

We had a peek on Google maps for a car park in the town. I was able to check the satellite view to find a couple that had motorhomes parked up, so we told the iPhone app to take us there. With my better reading the screen, we made it there in no time and were soon walking along the promenade.

Southport is beautiful. You can see Blackpool across the expanse of sand, yet Southport feels like it has retained something that Blackpool has lost. It's genteel, and still has something of the Victorian retreat about it. Where it's noisier cousin across the water has hen nights and stag weekends, Southport still has tea-rooms and some of the more upmarket shopping you might find in London. Also, there was a motorhome and caravan park on the beach, behind a wind break. If we find ourselves up here again, we'll probably look into that place, and have a night in the town.

As it is though, we're heading south again, to Formby.

We were undecided as to how many nights we would have away this time, so have played it by ear. We like beaches, so figured we could detour down to Southport, and again on Google maps, I found a lovely site at Formby Point. The website showed vans nestled amongst pine trees and promised sand dunes and sea views.

Sea views are a little far away, but the site has lived up to its promise. We've walked along the dunes down to the sea, and looking south, we can see Bootle and Liverpool in the distance, and container vessels stately sail by in front of the wind farms out to sea.

More photos ensue, but before long, were tired and ready for beer. Thank you tescos.

Tonight will be quiet. We're under the pine trees. I just hope the wind doesn't blow too hard...
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