First night out!

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We’re on the campsite outside Leek, in the middle of nowhere with no mobile signal. It’s lovely.

There are a couple of horses outside the van and a few chickens scratching around in the broken soil where the horses have wandered. A pheasant makes an occasional chuckle from across the road, and apart from a caravan parked up on the other side of the site we’re on our own. This is one of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Certified Sites, and though it’s listed as basic, has everything we need. The owner Peter took £15 from us (including electric) and showed us where the loos and showers are, the waste point and fresh water tap. We don’t really need anything, but the electric hook up is nice. Means we won’t need to heat the van with gas, we can use the small electric fan heater we have. We’re only away for two nights this time (to test the van out!) so I’m not worried about water or waste either. I’ll sort that when we get back home. Besides, there’s no way I’d be able to get the van up to the fresh water. I’m beginning to understand why people have plastic containers on wheels for everything.

The chickens are interesting. I’ve never really observed them up close before – being a reformed city-boy and all that. Their tails are much more mobile than I’ve ever really realised. As curious as the front half. I love how they scratch away at the ground, then take a step backwards so they can see what they’ve uncovered. Their tails twitch left and right, up and down. Fascinating to watch.

We’re in the middle of nowhere, so I’m hopeful that the skies will be nice to see tonight. We’ve started a list of things we’ve already forgotten, and top of the list is the telescope.

Other than that, we’ve read books, listened to the radio and my other half has lazed in the bright sun. It’s a little too chilly to go outside, but the light through the van’s windows is lovely.

We filled up with diesel too. The van drank 55 litres and I started on about a quarter tank, so I suspect it’s probably 70 litres or so. Actually – with our full tank of water, we must be nearing 170 kg of extra weight! Another 200 or so for us, and maybe another 70 of gear in the van and we’re surely getting close to our maximum weight!

The moho behaved well enough anyway, and the traffic was polite. We pulled over a couple of times to let cars get ahead of us, but we were generally okay. It drives like a car after a while, and you forget how big it is. Tomorrow we’ll head to Bakewell for a wander round and pass through Buxton to another small site near Whaley Bridge.
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