Fiamma Zip

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When we bought the van we knew there was an awning on the side, but the handle alas was missing. It's a pity as it's a Fiamma Zip, and the safari room would have been handy! So this is an accessory that has been on order for a week or more, after realising that caravan shops don't stock this item. £40 (including courier) and a rather unwieldy box later and there's a Fiamma awning winder in my sticky mitts.

It's much slimmer than I expected, though rather sturdily made. There is the expected thick hook on one end, and two joints toward the handle end, with a couple of rotating pieces so you can wind to your hearts content with nary a whisper of friction to slow you down.

We attacked the awning and discovered that it's a lot bigger than we imagined. It'll provide some nice shade should we actually get any sun this year. It looks sturdy, though I don't know if it would survive some of the wind we had last year, so it might be something we keep an eye on as the weather changes.

I had a bit of a buying spree today actually. A lot of people on the Motorhome Fun forum suggested a mattress topper for the bed, and I've found a reasonable one. It takes a day to expand to its fullest from its packaged size, so I've left it on the bed in the van to expand as it will.

There are a few household items - a dustpan and brush, chopping board and bowls; and a couple of items for fixing things, a pack of felt shapes to help the doors close a little softer, and some double sided sticky pads for the odd hook here and there.

I still have to find a grey water hose for the waste tank and practise emptying the loo. The recommendation there is to use biological washing liquid instead of the blue fluid from the toilet manufacturer. It's about £6 cheaper for a start, and smells a lot better.

I think I'll find some gloves for when I have to cart the cassette around too.

All being well though, we're planning to have our first couple of days away on Sunday. :)
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