Ezzie and the RV to France for a month

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Ezzie is now just over 4 years old. As any dog owner and motor home owner will confirm they take over your home and for the purpose of this blog the home is the RV as well. I love people watching, and it is amazing how many dogs come away with owners in their motor homes. When we set out to buy this RV we had to consider the very large Ezzie. 74kgs.. being a Saint Bernard she takes up a lot of room (everywhere). We had decided from the early stages of buying our latest vehicle it had to tick a lot of boxes and access for Ezzie was one of them. American RV's are known for electric drop down steps and then fixed steps in side to the floor. Our Winnebago is no exception. But we had no problems getting Ezzie to climb the steps the only problem we have now is getting her off as she makes herself very comfortable on the settee. I have been know to finish a job close the door and set the alarms only to find 20 minutes later that Ezzie is missing...yes snoring her head off on the sette on the RV. Anyway I digress yet again this blog was about France.

We decided we did not want to put Ezzie in the kennels, A) she is not keen on it B) it cost a fortune for a Saint Bernard and C) I get up set not having her around even when she is in the 'cow' mood.

It takes a good 6 to 9 months to get everything in place. Visits to the vet, Jabs and a blood tests (these are sent off to check she has the rabies antibodies) back to the vets for the passport, then you have the waiting period (you can taken them out of the UK but not back in until 6 months after the lab says the jabs have worked). So we allowed 9 months. Finally we were all OK to travel.

Has anyone worked out why you can have up to 9 people in a vehicle going through the tunnel at a set price yet if you have a dog you have to pay £30 more for it to travel in the same place people may be in? ...I know.. it is for the tree for the dog to cock the leg up (OK Ezzie sits and does not cock the leg). But it does seem to me to be a bit of a rip off. I suspect it is paying for the micro chip read and passport check on the French side when you come back via the pets control office.

Up to now we had only taken Ezzie away in the RV for 4 nights at a time and this trip was going to be 24 nights. Would it be OK? tell you next blog.:Eek!:
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