european tour. july 2010

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for the last 8 months now ive been busy converting.a mercedes atego 7.5ton truck in to a motorhome,im now in the final stages and its in for a full respray and bodykit.
my plans are head of around the 15 july travel down to berny riveira(2hours from calais)
then down to beziers on to barcelona ,almeria,gibraltar, algarve,
sevilla,madrid,and andora then finish off at disneyland paris 4 weeks later(can you park up there)?
is there any one with info? that you think may help, either routes to go ?campsites to go to?. i have all the books but first hand advice is allways best.
any good places to wild camp on route,as we are keen to do .
the costa is a lot of traveling but never been that way before.france gibraltar and algarve i have visited and lived there.
if there is any advice or info it would be most appreciated.
keith +sharon:thumb:
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