European Adventure

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Debs and I are finally ready to go. Having taken possession of " Lizzie" a month ago, returned to the UK and been away in her every weekend since, I have ironed out a few bits, we have provisioned and loaded her and on Mon evening we set off for Dover to cross the Channel.
Our plan is to head down the West Coast of France and into Spain, head around the Northern Coast and then Atlantic Coast into Portugal. We then intend running back up the Mediterranean Coast of Spain and heading home.
We expect to take 4 months and intend blogging, with places, experiences and costs etc. I shall post pics as we go.
We hope the blog will be informative, interesting and possibly amusing on occasions.
We also hope to say hello to as many funsters as possible, so if you are anywhere that appears on our radar, lookout for us. We have a Hobby 750 FMSE, 1999 model.
Cheers all



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