Europe 2016 Cardiff to Calais to Barcelona March 17th

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Hello new friends and old, Ive been waiting for this time to come for many years, I watched my daughters become Independent and simply sold my Welsh Home, and took the long awaited change to travel and live and work from the open road in my Motorhome but before that my beloved Vw Campervan T3 .
I do everything by myself these days " the universe says so!"
Ive no plans just flashed of overnight ideas a calling and i take off!!
I never thought this time would ever come its been a lot of obstacles and negativity involved from some family and friends regarding my safety and general concerns but also many inspirational people along the way too!!
I am starting to make this first ever blog so i can help to relate understand and inspire any woman who feels that she just wants to fly away to find herself...i don' know how and what ill be doing each day but ill be here to tell you all my tales and experiences as a solo 40 something independent traveler with 2 sassy small dogs in Europe getting lost and finding so much !! I hope love Hayley

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