Electric prefered than Gas.

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Not having the time yesterday for a Sunday roast I’ve been put in charge of prepping the pork joint that we are having today for our dinner.
I’ve been left strict instruction on how to score, oil and salt the joint and put into a very hot oven for the first twenty minutes I like my crackling crispy?
My ‘Partner’ will take over when she gets home later, she was asked if she would go into work two hours later than normal, that will mean she will be home a couple of hours later at about three.

The Polish club my ‘Partner’ and I went to last night was fifty percent better than the club we went to last Sunday night.
The club last week sold Bass bitter; the landlady walked around to the other bar to pore it out of sight of any inquisitive customer [that’s me] and came back with something that didn’t resemble bass bitter at all.
London Pride was one of the other beers that the pub served, I know by the taste of what I ordered wasn’t what I ordered; she was definitely serving London pride as a replacement to Bass Bitter.
I noticed also she was doing the same when one asked for a short, she would walk around to the other optics on the other side of the bar, I didn’t argue the toss but the short she gave me I would swear it wasn’t the full measure.

Bigger dance floor and better beer, but again I thought a little pricey for a club at £2-60pp.
The only real drawback was the travelling distance, it took us thirty-five minutes to get there, and I would say it was about fourteen miles one way.
I reckon we shall be going back.

Noticed Sunday one or two motor homes on the roads around Swanick Alfreton and Matlock, I was wondering had there been a meet? Non-waved but then again they wouldn’t I was in me black Citroen Picasso not in me 57 plate Compass rambler.

Nothing planned for today its still to cold to be working outside.
My boxer dog Diezel is having a lay in.

Sorry I forgot to mention I connected an outside power point to my extension wall ready for when I can bring the motor home onto the base of my once garage.
I knocked the garage down because it was serving no purpose besides it hadn’t been built very well the garage up and over door was knackered too.
I shall post pictures of the demolition later

I’ve been sorting out some pictures of the work I did on altering my fireplace in my front room, you will just have to guess what it was like from the before and after photos I’ve posted.
The only picture I have of how it once looked was taken on me phone camera but unfortunately that’s not big enough to post, its only the size of a stamp.


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