Drive through France and Switzerland

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Left La du Liez sunday after a somewhat disturbed night but then its weekend. Drove to Morges in Switzerland for a few days. Hope to get to Geneva and Lausanne on the train. I was not sure what Camilla(satnav) was up to she got us to Morges but by a curious route through roads that were up and down at a detour we met two roadrollers. I think she went by the name Morges and not GPS.
Lovely site here at TCS Morges. Very quiet at night, close to a shopping area and supermarkets. Off this morning to stock up on provisions. Beer, wine etc. All the essentials of course. If any wants the price of beer (Leffe) on our trip please ask but will say rather a lot of beer and wine will be rescued from various supermarkets on the way back.
More in 6 days time.
Mike (
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