Doing the jobs that I keep saying I am going to do on the RV

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So the end of the show season has arrived. After the weather at Lincoln I might say thank goodness... where as last year we had fantastic weather at Malvern and Bath & West this year it has been very mixed blessings. But today I am sitting here in my office (at the back of the house) with the door open and it is warm? what gives?

Well yesterday was not to bad, so I thought OK lets carry on doing the various jobs outstanding. Last week with Sues help we fitted the mirror to the top of the Velvac mirror so I can now see the running board and road on the off side... remember we have a yank B class and I am on the near side. So that was one job down and yesterday I fitted the day light running lamps to the front.

I had thought I would get the garage to do the job.. but hell that would be two hours labour. OK not easy in the wheelchair but again with Sue's help we managed to drill the front panel and screw up the brackets after adding grease to stop the screws rusting. I had already attached white plastic card to the bracket (that super glue they sell at the shows really works a treat) so that there was no metal contact between the body and the backet.

The lamp had a live and earth wire and I run the live to a feed from the ignition system so it comes only one whent he key has turned to start the RV and off when it is not running. The earth wire to a suitable bolt that gave a good conection. A fuse in line just in case I needed to disconnect the lamps if in such a place that does not allow them on. So I have saved myself a hundred pounds or so.

Plus it was the satisfaction of doing the job. Now I have a massive folder where I put in details of all the jobs I do and the receipts and instructions so in the future any owner will be able to know what the previous owner did on the RV. Almost like a service history but for the little jobs.

So as I think about draining the boiler for the the next few months and closing it down I start to think of April and France next year.. warmer weather and another year of shows and another year getting older and poorer.. always poor with an RV.... wealth wise but not pleasure wise:RollEyes:
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