Dog brushed, van part packed

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Day before Malvern departure. Done my daily chore or brushing Ezzie the Saint Bernard... boy she is in a big hair loss period. It comes of by the handfuls and you can see it just dropping off as she walks about..great fun on the RV this weekend. I can see me brushing the carpets every day again. (my job the boss says as Ezzie is my dog..why my dog when it is bad?)

Ezzie is all expectant today, she can see the loading taking place and knows something is up. Her treat box and biscuits and frozen food have all gone out the door to the Aspect and she knows we are off soon (tomorrow around 4 a.m.) A dog seems to know what is going on.

Normally she is standing at the door of the Aspect waiting to get on or sitting nearby watching so as not to be left can you forget her. 74kgs is hard to miss.

The weather looks set to be reasonable with perhaps some rain. But we are off to enjoy the event. My daughter, her husband and his kids (horrible kids... I was a kid once - I think:Smile:)... anyway they are using a tent, and that is going to be fun... they have camped b efore but not in this tent and it is second hand and they have only once put it tomorrow the air is going to be blue I am sure... Me set up and watch... I love watching people set up around me.

The best bit is watching the saterlite dishes being lined up.. that is an art, here or in Europe. But I must admit I have been know to move the RV to make sure I can get a signal myself. But it is great to watch people set up camp. The domestic strife and just the way the site fills and gets people in place.

The worse part is the M25 and M40, for us it can be as busy on the M25 at 5 a.m as anytime in the day.. rush hours is always on it seems except between 02.00 and 04.00 then it is a mad house.

Tell me why is it I enjoy motor homing?:Eeek:
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