Do we ever stop buying for a motor home?

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We have owned our present RV for just over a year now, in fact it was a year on the 2nd July. I have a ring binder, one of the big ones busting it's guts being full of paperwork relating to the the RV. I document everything I do on it and of course put the receipts / bills in it.


Well one day it will go to a new home and I know I would have liked to know all about the RV before I purchased it. All I found was the original dealership stickers when it was up for sale in the USA and the shipping out documents and the original purchase price / list as ordered from the factory. Now I have everything I have done to the RV from the replacement mirror head ordered from the USA to the air lift suspension to fitting extra 240v plugs. If I have worked on the RV for any reason the details are recorded for the future. Will anyone ever read them? perhaps, perhaps not. I supose it is like a pacifier when someone see's all the info. I hope it says I look after my pride and joy and that I want it to be the best I can make it.

Now one year on we feel we have it just about right. I thought may be a few months, but it has taken a good year in the end. A learning curve getting to know the RV and what it does and does not do. When I fitted the back up sensors last weekend I finally took the engine cowl off for the first time, that was a learning curve in it's self. Crawling under the body doing the wiring for the sensors allowed me to see a) what state the under side was and b) where everything was in relation to what I knew from the top side. So I am always finding out something new about the RV.

I have learnt that the people that did the UK converstion for the electrics made a real pigs ear of the job (no names) but I have also learned that there are some proffessional companies like Van Bitz out there that know what they are doing.

I have also learned that it is even easier now to get American parts in the UK than it was 5, 10 or 20 years ago. I also learned that a lot of companies still think the word American means money and they can rip you off. I have also found on ebay a lot of suppliers that do have the goods at the right price. I have found American companies happy to ship direct items and not via a dealer.

But my big full ring binder is the history of our relationship with the RV. I agree with the Boss that the RV gets more spent on it than the home, it is looked after like a baby and only Ezzie the Saint Bernard gets morer attention. - Except the boss that is. It is like a love affair owning a motor home. - well it is to me. But I must admit I have now spent more than enough on her, this other women (always women - motor homes!) We had a budget of £30k we paid £28k for the RV and I would say we have spent another £12k in the year we have owned her. So at £40k she represents a big investment for us. Not as expensive as some have paid out I know, but to us that was all we had.

We long to go out in her and go to shows or just be in a field and enjoy a more relaxed life. Could I recapture the life with the A class we had over 20 years back? was it a dream? Well we are getting there that is all I can say.

Love it.
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