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Smashing site this well run and even with the kids on mid term up here they manage to keep the facilities immaculate.
Loads of walks in this area will certainly keep us going for the week.
Had a walk into town today, nice little town with a large Co op for the neccesities.
Did a 3 miler through the woods to the Spey and back, very pretty.
Dropped in at the smokehouse and got some, smoked salmon, smoked venison and smoked duck pate.
Called at van for a smoked venison sarnie (excellent) then off up the hill behind the site for another 3 miler. Again a very pretty walk with the Cairngorms as a backdrop.
Did not see any Red Squirrels but did see a stoat chasing a rabbit. (or was it one of Hilda's ferrets? ah well.
More to follow on day 10.

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