Day 994 – Cabopino with Chloe – 20 Nov 12

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Day 994 – Cabopino with Chloe – 20 Nov 12

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Well, another fun packed week at Cabo concluded with a night at Harry’s Bar in Calahonda with Eve, John and Jim. A quiz, bingo and ‘Sticky Fingers’ plus an enormous nosh was enjoyed by all. We came 4th in the quiz, which was tricky and also won €75 at the bingo. Might not go back too soon! Shirl is getting really lucky – she’s even thrashing me at Scrabble, Crib and Fantasy Football. Must be losing my touch!!!

It's raining today and quite hard. I pity Eve and John who are having terrible trouble with a leaking roof over their sleeping area. John is desperately trying to get some special sealant to fix it. However, the constant rain is damaging the substance of the roof itself. Might be terminal if not sorted soon.

However, the weather for your visit looks OK for now, but that doesn’t stop your mother fretting. I'm sure it will be nice and sunny.

Rains on and off through the weekend but not too bad. Plenty of sun in between. People are coming and going all the time and we have new neighbours again, although Birgitta and Stefan are yet to arrive. Looks like P and J will be here next Saturday. Had our first Paella of the winter on Sunday (4th) and it wasn’t too bad. Shared with Eve, John and Jim.

Well, the rain has set in for the next 4 days and we are filling our time playing board games and walking into the harbour to Jorges for a glass of wine. The safari room is dry so we are relatively happy. At least we are not snowbound and it's 22 degrees C. Still in shorts and we have loads of people we can visit to commiserate with. Sun is due out on Saturday (11th) and looks good for your visit. Fingers crossed.

Still raining (7th):cry:

Won the quiz again last night. Will have to split up next week. It's getting embarrassing.

Going into Fuengirola tonight to see Skyfall at the cinema and also get the AC topped up. Then to the WOK for a mega scoff!

All went very well. Got passports for Fuengirola Erotic Tapas Weekend, topped up AC, got new Boules from Decathlon, bought a few goodies from Iceland, saw Skyfall at the cinema (very good) and finished with a Chinese AYCE at Mr Wok (€12.95). Now stuffed and ready for bed. Should be sunny by Saturday. Phew!

Papers have just reported that in October, in Marbella Province there has been 100 litres per Sq Metre – a 40% increase. Lucky us!! Walked into Cabo harbour to watch the waves crashing in. The surfers were out and some of the spray was quite spectacular.

Well, from being Billy No Mates, having been the only wag in our row, this morning a huge truck conversion pulled in to do some repairs before heading for South Africa. Brave people.

Well, now it's getting really embarrassing. Returned to Harry’s Bar for quiz and bingo. Guess what? I won a line and Brian, Shirl and me won the quiz – by 5 points! Another €70 into the coffers! Should start doing this as a part-time job! Can't go next week as I'm picking you up from the airport.

Sunny today and Paul and Jackie finally made it to Cabopino, travelling down from Torre Del Mar. Of course, there was someone still on their pitch, who had to be evicted. The organisation at reception here is very poor. If you have a reservation here – check it and triple check it!

Had a nice day catching up followed by UNO and supper. Welcome back chaps!

Monday 12th. The SUN IS OUT!!! And will be for at least a fortnight.

Going off to Miraflores for some Lawn Bowls. Big competition going on there so we went of to El Faro and played there for €5. John, Carole and Jackie beat us soundly! Then into La Cala for some Boquerones. Yum.

Got the mail from Helen in the UK, so now we are up to date. Just a few jobs to do as a result and we can forget Blighty admin for another month.

Weather is great. Sunny and warm. Sat by the pool today. Also won the quiz again. Really embarrassing. Will have to split up.

Cinema again today to use our free tickets to see Argo, which was very good.. Shirl’s shoulder is giving her gip, caused by pushing Smartie half way across the Iberian Peninsula! Another good reason for not bringing it next year. Jackie is going to give it a massage and she will rest it.

Weather turning…Chloe must be airborne from Stansted!! Met her in Fuengirola with Paul and Jackie. Chloe met some ‘kind gent’ on the aircraft who was picked up by his wife and they gave her a lift to Fuengirola station. Kind of him, although I think his wife was somewhat surprised!

Had some great Tapas and Vino on the Fuengirola Erotica Tapa Tour. (See photos). Got 5 stamps in our book and will go back on Sunday evening to get the other 5!:Blush:

Bussed into Marbs on Saturday (17th) and it was DRY and almost sunny. Met up with Geoff and Linda and their friends Linda and Andy after an afternoon of snacking! Look forward to seeing them again at Christmas.

Played Banana Scrabble till late when we got back after Pizza and Strictly at Jorge’s.

Woken at 0700 by a French ‘whirr-clunker’, on the next pitch. I think they wanted an early start and were determined to let everyone know about it!

Now getting ‘'van-happy’ waiting for rain to stop and ‘Patatas Bravas a la Bill’ to be ready. Paul brought a superb lemon and orange cheesecake and we had a game of Bananagrams. Then back into Fuengirola to complete the Tapas Trail. Bryan and Darren met up with us and we had a good laugh eating dodgy tapas.:BigGrin:

Sun is well and truly out today (19th) and Clo is going for a walk along the beach for some Calamares. Then chilling out till dinner and I’ll run Clo to the airport for a 9pm flight back to Stansted.

Great to see Chloe and we had a fab weekend despite a bit of rain. At least our 'van wasn’t tipped over in a freak tornado like some poor devils further along the coast during a 4 hour thunderstorm. We've been relatively lucky here in Marbella.!

Have a safe journey home, Clo, and Mum will see you in February.:thumb:

All for now
M and D
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