Day 975 – Cabopino Autumn – 1 Nov 12

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Day 975 – Cabopino Autumn – 1 Nov 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Well, we left the delightful (not) La Rosaleda campsite near Conil, where everything was closed. Eager to get to Cabopino we set off after checking that our booked pitch would be free as we were a couple of days early. ‘No problem,’ came back the reply –‘ Come on in! ‘

So we did and enjoyed a quiet trip up the A7 past Gib. Checked in at reception and – guess what?– someone was still on the pitch, even though they had been warned to move. :Angry:They were down the beach – so there was little we could do except wait. Met a few old pals and Brian let us use his drive to store our trailer. Then we waited. Had a cup of tea with Eve, John, Carol and Jim and then we waited. Our Teutonic squatters returned and promptly refused to vacate. We referred them firmly to reception and 30 minutes later we were finally on. Didn’t do much but level the 'van and set up the internet. Then down to the Sportsman to watch the Clarets finally win and not concede a goal. Then the glorious garlic Chicken ‘n Chips from Da Bruno. A fine day.


Next morning (21st), we set up the living area and decided to wait a while before erecting the full Safari Room. It's too warm. However, rain expected by Nov 1, so it's only a matter of time. Shirl did her first yoga with Manu and tonight it's cards round at Eve and Johns. (Shirl and Eve got thrashed).

Here it begins. My poor liver....

‘There but for the Grace of God’.
A lesson for us all……
As we were setting up in Cabopino yesterday, a French couple wandered by looking for a pitch with satellite reception. Ignoring my advice that sat did not work in that pitch, 3 HOURS later they sped up in their brand new Rapido and attempted to park opposite. They found it tricky because of the size of pitch and lack of reception, so after 3 or 4 tries and 45 minutes they gave up and drove off. Ten minutes later they appeared at one of the pitches on the tier below. It was Paul and Jackie’s and Paul and Max’s old pitch – set between 2 big trees. The reversal in began with exterior wifely guidance, shortly followed by a loud bang and graunch. Yes, they had hit the tree! Straight onto the awning retraction mechanism. So, after a few minutes of inspection, the 'van was driven forward ….and the entire awning unwound itself and extended fully, resting on the ground. To their credit there were no histrionics and after assistance from nearby campers, the awning was wound in, inch by inch, and secured with tape. It is now completely buggered. As I said before, it is a salutary lesson and could happen to any of us. Never rush when parking up and never fully trust the person guiding you in. In the final analysis – it's the driver’s responsibility.

Looks like the weather is getting changeable. Been warm up till now, 23rd, but showers approach for a few days. Got some panic tanning at Cabo beach today where it's really busy with holiday makers. Andy’s Beach Bar was rammed with people taking in the rays. We’ve put up the Safari Room in anticipation of rain. Quiz tonight and no Pete to thwart us!

Came 3rd but only by 2 points. The quiz nights are a good laugh and I think we’ll be going every week. Bound to win eventually.

Went to first market at Mijas Costa – nothing has changed – full of the same stuff they transfer from Jerez to Malaga to Valencia and back again. However, like the Chinese shit shops, there's always something useful to buy.

Rain started today 25th and luckily we are battened down for the flood. We got the neighbours to help sweep up the dross from the road so we have a clear gulley for the rainwater to run down, otherwise it pools, overflows and pours under our 'van.

Eve and John came round for an afternoon of tapas, fizz and Uno – what else can you do. Sun is due back on Saturday so we’ll dry out then. First dove is being launched at midday. Hope I don’t get Eve’s cold. Bet I do.

Friday it rained.

Booked to go to a Halloween do at Mijas Costa with John and Eve. Also tried the new bar – Jorge’s- in Cabo. Nice place and I can watch footie there as well and it's cheaper than Julies by a mile. Went to play Lawn Bowls on Sunday at Miraflores where you can play all day for €8 and it's not crowded. Eve and me won 23-20 after 21 ends. Knackered!

New neighbours across the road – Rich and Kelly plus 2 little girls who are setting up for long term. Will leave their caravan and awning on the pitch and visit periodically. €170 pm plus extra when they occupy. Nice couple. No gas, though!!! Didn’t know that Calor is a UK – only product.

Clocks went back today and the mornings are brighter but the evenings are darker and cooler. I prefer it.

And guess what? I got the bloody cold!!!!!
A day of rain (30th) and I fixed the last of the mini-leaks in the awning. A bit depressing but it's sunny today and everybody cheers up. Won the quiz with Eve, John and Brian. Even got a haircut!

Heard from P and J who are in Velez Malaga where it sounds pleasant despite the rain. Might try it on the way home. They should be here next week. Stephen and Olivia arrive today as well and Birgitta on Saturday.

Went out with Eve and John to the Mijas Playa restaurant for a Halloween do. Great food and wine included. (Only €29) They really made an effort to decorate the place and Shirl danced the night away – although she and Eve were a little fragile this morning (1st).

The sun is out and the prospects for your visit are currently good. Let's hope it stays that way. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween – your carved pumpkins were excellent.

Speak soon
Take care
M and D
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