Day 92 - Bologna - 2 Jun 10

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Hi Clo

Hot & sticky in Bologna. Arrived Ok from Lake Garda on Monday after a short drive in windy but warm conditions. The site was easy to find & Doc Brown got us here OK. We picked a nice grassy site with loads of room for the Smartie & the awning and eventually the wind died down. Guess what? … We had a Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner!!!!

Washrooms etc are fine & there are a load of bungalows on the site as well. Pretty quiet, but we met up with an American who stores his wag in Amsterdam & spends 6 months of the year in Europe. Also, we met an English couple who have been doing this for 2 years and we had a few vinos last night & swapped info.
They were off to Venice today.

We’ve been in to Bologna a couple of times on the bus – only €1 each way right outside the reception. It seems a solid Italian town and no matter which way you look there’s another historic building. I think Dad is about ‘touristed out’ here, just wait until we get to Florence! Mum found a €2 shoe stall!!! (Chloe you would have loved it). We also picked up a new motorised cool box to keep extra beers in as the fridge labours a bit if overloaded and can’t quite cope with the 30 degs plus temps.

Mad Brian is in Epernay today & we wonder whether he will ever make it home to Clitheroe.

Got a couple of good recipes:

Pork ‘n Pasta Peschiera: Get some pork fillets from ASDA, slice them really thinly. Add onion, loads of garlic & some mushies into a frying pan with olive oil. Fry up & then add the pork. Fry up & when cooked add big dollop of cream. Stir & add to spaghetti or penne. Its brill. Made it up myself.

Pasta Aglio, Olio Peperoncino has been on our menu many times. Drinking lots of Aperol – you’ll like it. First 2 weeks of August in Pisa.

A few stats for you:

We’ve had 45% really hot days, 38% OK days & only 17% not so good – mainly in England.

I have exercised 1.89 miles per day & Mum 2.10 mile per day. She’s been swimming a lot. Nice pool here in Bologna.

We’ve driven 1843 mile since we started. Average speed 38.7 mph. Average fuel usage: 22.3 miles per gallon & fuel cost £1.15 per gallon. We are also spending more than we thought. But I think that’s the holiday syndrome. When that wears off & Mum stops ‘touristing’ we should settle down.

I’ve been bitten loads of times by mossies & Mum NOT AT BLOODY ALL!!!! Got some great stuff from the Farmacia with Ammonia which really kills the bite if you get it quick so we’ve now bought loads of extra anti-mossie stuff. Van seems OK with netting.

Sleeping much better in the van than at home so that’s great. Mum is up really early most days & goes for a walk & does Tai Chi. Off to Florence on Friday. Hope to get into the Uffizi etc if the queues aren’t too long.

Speak soon and enjoy Ireland.

M & Dxxx
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