Day 910 – On The Road Again – 28 Aug 12

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Day 910 – On The Road Again – 28 Aug 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Well, after weeks of admin, visiting friends and watching th’lympics, we are finally ready to set sail again. A few days with Alan and Mary in Pulborough and then Pompey to Bilbao on 2 Sep.

Hurrah! Smartie passed its MOT! Kwik Fit in Sleaford via a small garage in our local village. Great news and AC re-filled – all for £71 inc VAT. They might even be able to service the 'van.

Luckily found a company in Sleaford call A and H who will service and MOT the 'van next year. Farewell Camper UK….these companies just keep on ripping us off and I believe we should vote with our feet (or wheels). I'm not prepared to take crap service any more. They treat you like royalty to snare you and then, once you are hooked, the scams begin.

Got my final tax return done, as a result of being self-employed. Did it online and although it's a bit of a palaver, it was cheaper than paying £300 to my accountant for an hours work. I'm purely PAYE now with no income except pensions – so everything should be PAYE tfn. Even got my Tax Code up to 778L, which is great. Should be in the 900’s next year.

With only 10 days to departure, we are tying up all loose ends. Have managed to visit loads of friends round the country and it was brilliant to see them – despite the weather. House is almost sorted and the garden cut back. Paperwork done, TV licence refunded, bus pass applied for, Royal Mail sorted, post forwarding prepared, standing orders and DDs confirmed, paperbacks and DVDs for the 'van purchased, Mondeo re-positioned, Gas and Electric sorted, Shirl’s winter clothing pre-positioned at Chloe’s for visit in February.

The only outstanding issues are my driving licence which I hope is almost sorted by DVLA. However I don’t expect it to arrive before we leave. Final issue is the County Court case against SMC re the 'van servicing – or lack of it! If it goes to court I won't be able to attend – obviously – so I will have to prepare a legal bundle and hope the judge is sympathetic. Either that or withdraw. However, I don’t really want to do that. These big companies rely on our lack of persistence.

We are riding – YES RIDING! our bikes from Welby into Halfords in Grantham on Wednesday to get their 6-week check carried out. Hope it doesn’t rain.

Got the job done and the bikes are now serviced and strapped to the back of the 'van ready for the off next Wednesday.

A good bit of news from the Daily Telegraph. I submitted one of Pats’ photos from our trip to Tangiers last year and it WON! Going to be published in the travel section of the DT on 25 Aug and Pat wins a £300 Nikon Camera. Brilliant.

I'm still waiting for the County Court at Northampton to resolve my complaint against SMC of Newark re the Motorhome. The only comment I have is that the Court is wholly incompetent. Watch this space.

Off to Huddersfield on Saturday (25th) to watch the Clarets with Paul and the twins. Only £22 on the train from Newark to Wakefield and Paul will meet me. UTC.

Nice day out with Paul and the boys. Burnley were dreadful! This current manager and set of players are only going one way – and it's not up!

House and 'van just about ready now and we are off tomorrow (28th) to stay in W Sussex before catching the 2200 ferry to Bilbao from Pompey. Should be a busy 2 months in Portugal. Heard yesterday that Paul and Jackie will be in Cabopino by 1 Dec and Pat and Maria likewise. Will have to start planning Christmas!:thumb:

That's just about it for now, will post again when we get a decent signal – probably in Porto.


M and D

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