Day 888 – TV Fodder – 6 Aug 12

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Day 888 – TV Fodder – 6 Aug 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Still raining. Hope you had a great week in Portugal and checked out Albufiera for us, where, with a bit of luck, we’ll be in September.

Still raining.:Sad:

It didn’t rain today. Much.:Sad:

Huzzah!! The sun came out for almost 2 whole days. Got to sit in the garden, mow the lawn, paint the garden bench and have a BBQ. Even had time to go up to the 'van and give it a good wash and polish. It needed it as I haven’t been able to clean it since Spain because of weather, travelling and campsite restrictions on washing vehicles. Shirl went on a long ramble round the Lincolnshire Countryside with Helen and we actually sat in the sunshine with a G and T for an hour or 2.

However, this morning – Friday 13th, it's raining again. Never mind, off to Ipswich on Sunday to visit Eve and John now that all the admin is finally done. Smartie is still wet under the carpets but drying out. God knows where the water is getting in?

We hope to see Sue Funster next weekend and perhaps a meet at a CL with the South Essex C and CC.

It's raining again. Let's hope that the ground at the Moon and Sixpence in Ipswich is not too boggy.

Set off in sunshine to the Moon and Sixpence campsite near Ipswich to visit Eve and John – our neighbours at Cabopino. Straightforward drive and campsite easy to find. Didn’t have our booking but no problem. Very helpful manager found us a dry-ish pitch, saying that 24 hours earlier, the site was under water and we wouldn't have got in. Had lunch in the camp restaurant and met up with Eve and John for a game of lawn bowls. This site has superbe facilities which goes towards justifying the £25pn fee. Golf course, lawn bowls, tennis courts, bar/restaurant, lake, facilities for kids. However, children are not particularly welcome as it is clear that noise will not be tolerated. Fine by me. There are about 300 statics which is their main source of income. Very smart campsite.

Mike and Val arrived and our activities have started. A couple of rounds of golf and lawn bowls followed by a pub lunch at the Maybush at Waldringfield which overlooks the River Deben. Very pleasant. Evenings are taken up with raucous board games which the chaps generally win. The campsite is still very quiet but that's probably because it's RAINING most of the time.

Off to Bury St Edmunds market this morning and a Pub Quiz tonight. Good training for Cabopino. Left the Moon and Sixpence after an excellent but exhausting 4 days with Eve and John. Be glad to get home for a rest!

Went via Sue Funsters in Wickford for a quick visit. She has a very tight driveway close to a main road and whilst trying to park, we managed to bash into her overhanging roof. Luckily we didn’t damage the 'van but knocked a bit off Sue’s guttering. Sorry, Sue! Got home around 9pm and almost had to drive the 'van in the dark!!!

Topped up fuel and LPG, so are now ready for the off on 29th August.

Might review the journey down through Portugal as stopping every 3 or 4 days and touristing is very tiring. Six or seven weeks of that becomes exhausting. Might just stop 3 or 4 times.

The next few weeks brings a catalogue of visits to friends, admin, sorting the 'van for the journey and medical appts.

Travelled up to Settle to see Bryzie and Hils via 7 trains and one bus! Very good value from East Coast Trains - £25 return. Had great weekend as usual and as usual drunk too much vino and gout reared its ugly head – so it's off the alc for a week or two to try and clear it up.

Weather was crap but watched Olympic Opening Ceremony – very impressive and not embarrassing at all. Well done Seb Coe!

Took 'van for its MOT and, surprise, surprise, it failed on a loose ball joint. Only 3 months after last MOT and I'm not happy with Camper UK. Going to have to find yet another place to service the 'van. Whatever happened to honest dealers?

Got together with Denis and Eunice in Newark on Saturday (4th) and Derrick and Jean in Newton on Sunday for lunch. All looked well and we wish Denis and Eunice happy nuptials for October.

Well, it's Olympics all the way and it's been unbelievable and AMAZING!!! Perhaps some of these athletes and commentators need to buy a Thesaurus.:RollEyes:

GB doing brilliantly, but as usual we lost the football on penalties – no surprises there then!

Hope to see you next weekend,
Take care
M and D

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