Day 8 Onward to Grantown on Spey

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We decided to go by the A827 and onto the A9 for our journey. Journey itself was uneventful, the A827 is a bit narrow in places but apart from the usual boy racers we had a good trip.
Arrived on site about 1315 and got booked in. Steph has pushed the boat out and booked a Gold pitch :Eeek: 16 amp leckie as opposed to the standard 10 amp, tap on pitch and grey water dump and unlimited wi fi in with the price of £20 a night. Toilet block only a sand iron away and they are superb, immaculate and underfloor heating. one piccie taken during our trip and one of Deer on skyline at Killin not a great photo I know but they were a long way away and light was bad. More tomorrow. :thumb:

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