Day 789 – Home, Spring, Rain – 29 Apr 12

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Day 789 – Home, Spring, Rain – 29 Apr 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Settled back into routine at the house and getting all the jobs done.

Doctors, dentist, passport renewal, 'van MOT, servicing and repairs, insurance, breakdown cover, road tax, driving licence updates, ebaY, haircuts, ISA’s, gardening, shopping etc, etc. It all takes time and we’ve been relatively lucky with the weather, although today, 4 April, it has been very cold. Mums catching up with all her phone calls – making arrangements to meet up for annual chats.

It's lucky that Helen sent us a load of mail last year otherwise we would be swamped. As it is we’ve got about 50 various camping club magazines to go through. I'm going to cancel them from next year – except MMM, which is the most useful.

We are going to visit the Morrissesses in Last of the Summer Wine country on 12 Apr for a long weekend. Should be fun.

Took the 'van to Camper UK in Lincoln for MOT, Premium Service and Habitation check. We also needed several other jobs doing, so I had contacted them well in advance. Excellent reception and a technician came out to the 'van whilst I explained all of the jobs that needed doing – mainly correcting poor work by SMC in Newark.:Angry:

Communication from reception during the week was first class and they kept me informed of progress and cost implications. The jobs were done ahead of time and we picked up the 'van on schedule after 3 ½ days. All work done to our complete satisfaction and although they quoted certain rates for servicing, they only charged for actual time taken. All round excellent service from Camper UK. Can't fault it and will be going back with no hesitation. :thumb:
In fact, it's booked in for 1 August for MOT so that we can change the annual cycle. It means we can stay in Europe till the end of June next year – so perhaps you can visit when it's SUNNY!!!!!

Drove up to Holmfirth, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ town, to visit the Morrisesses. They were all looking well and Paul has been busy with the new ‘buy to let’ house in the next village, getting it renovated. Max is working hard in Leeds and the boys are now well settled back into school after their year away.

We had a great weekend, royally fed and watered and enjoyed a night out at the Holmfirth Picturedrome watching ‘Smokie’ live in concert and yes, they sang ‘Alice!’ We had a ten-pin bowling session in which Max, Jack and Bill thrashed the others. All in all, a very enjoyable break and great to see them again. It’ll be July 2013 before we can get together again. Thanks guys.:thumb:

Also managed to get to the Go Outdoors branch in Huddersfield and get a few things for the 'van. Not least some good value toilet chemicals and a CADAC Gas BBQ, now that we can't charcoal cook at Cabopino. Fair value and got 5 metres of pipe so we can BBQ outside the awning if necessary. Paul had his discount card, so we got 10% off as well. :thumb:

Rain has set in at home and it's quite cold, so it's quite depressing looking at the Marbella weather – 28 deg C and full sun. Only 4 weeks till we set off to Germany.

Just hanging around the house now, waiting for the Peterborough Show. Although we’ve done most of our shopping now, we still need a few things and it will nice to see Sue Funster again. Hope it's not too wet on that grass!

Had a good night at Helens with the girls and their husbands. Spanish Night with Paella and Tapas. Didn’t get to bed till 3am.

Went out to the 'van today (24th) and gave it a good wash and polish ready for Friday.

It's RAINING again. Probably won't be going to Peterborough as a quagmire awaits us and I don’t see the point of getting the 'van bogged down in mud. It's all very well relying on a tractor to get you out but there are thousands of wags at the show. We’ll wait and see what Sue reports when she arrives tomorrow.

Well, the bloody British weather triumphs again. Will not be going to P’boro – too risky in the mud. Will take Smartie on Saturday for a look round. God, I'm beginning to hate this country. This is why we bugger off abroad. So glad that Camper UK fixed the Heki – the 'van would have been ruined in this rain.

Arranged full year European breakdown cover with German company ADAC. €79 for both of us in ANY vehicle – which includes the Motorhome. The policy also gives us some good medical benefits – like repatriation if ill – so I will save £350+ on a now unnecessary travel policy from NFu. Good deal. We used them in Germany in the eighties.

Well, we did drive Smartie the 1 hour trip down to Peterboro despite the light-ish rain and picked up the last of the shopping we needed for the 'van, a Moroccan mat, some Kelim runners and a few other odds and ends. Didn’t see Sue as it was too muddy. It's really RAINING today – I really pity the hardened motorhomers who braved the mud – getting out of the fields will be a bit tricky. Really glad we didn’t risk it – a very good decision. Apart from the mud – it's no fun camping in the rain.

Well, the sun’s out – AT LAST – and it's an emergency BBQ tonight!
That's all for now – pre Germany report on the 14th May.
Take care – see you on the 15th
M and D

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