Day 745 – Cabopino – 16 Mar 12

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Day 745 – Cabopino – 16 Mar 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Well, we’ve only got a day left in Cabopino this year and are busy packing up the ‘wag for the long journey home, via Cordoba, Toledo, Salamanca, Burgos, Santander and W Sussex!

Our last 3 weeks here kicked off with a free BBQ and party put on by the campsite. Excellent afternoon preceded by a Pentanca tournament in which we reached the quarter finals. Not bad, but congrats to Steve and Edna who were worthy winners.

Then a couple of Friday Happy Hours to bid farewell to Peter, Jimmy and Pat and Maria, who all leave this week. See you in October and safe journeys.

It's holiday weekend in Spain – 25/26 Feb – and the campsite is officially FULL. Even a sign on the gate.

Saw some Processionary Caterpillars on site this weekend. Nasty creatures which can do you a serious injury. They can kill dogs with their toxic hairs. The Dutch couple across the road have 6 nests above their 'van and these caterpillars have been invading their pitch for 3 weeks. The danger is that Motorhomers bring them home by mistake when they drop onto the top of vans!

Been doing all the usual stuff, Quiz – 2nd again!, a trip into Fuengirola and last night we had Pat and Maria round for a farewell dinner. They are off on 1 March, storing the 'van and car in Barcelona whilst they go back to Dublin. Then they will spend the summer in Le Lavandou. Safe travels.

Drove up to the Mijas Hippodromo for the Mijas Cup Race Meeting. Big crowds for the big race of the season. We did OK getting 4 winners out of 5 but Paul and Jackie were the big winners – getting the victor in the Mijas Cup. Also, Steve and Edna won the sweep.

The weather is getting really hot now. 28 deg C yesterday and not getting dark until 7.30pm. Really nice for sitting out. Shame we are going home but the wx inland is also very good till the end of March. Hurrah!

Off to beach for lunch today with Brian and Carole who are leaving tomorrow. Very nice to have met you and hope you enjoyed the trip. See you next year???? (watch out for those drains, Brian!). Excellent lunch – thanks B and C – great way to end your stay.

2nd again in the quiz….that damned Hugh!!!!
John and Audrey from Sitges pitched up today and are on our old spot. Nice to see them, and had a good chinwag to catch up. They aren’t staying long.

Packing up this week, taking it slowly, doing a bit each day. Packing everything in is quite tricky. The 60 litres of vino collapso doesn’t help!

3rd in our last quiz. Now we will have to come back to claim our title!

Got the book published on Kindle and sales are progressing! Next year by this we’ll all be millionaires!
Friday night in Fuengirola with Paul , Jackie, Eve & John…..oooh dear!

Had a great darts day at P and J’s. Scones and snorkers enjoyed by all.

Now doing the rounds of last drinks………but I must be sober by Saturday when we head for Cordoba. How long before our pitch is taken? Already had other campers sniffing around!

Good night at John and Eve’s playing cards, Cranium and eating a modern fondue. Good laugh!

Tonight at Carole and Jims for more of the same, before which we’ll say farewell to our neighbours with a glass of fizz!

Out to lunch at the Mijas WOK ..yum yum. Hope it's open! ( PS It was rubbish – not half as nice as WOK KING in Castellon. Very limited choice of food and Shirl got a dickie tum!)

Final packing now and farewells to all.

Set off at 10 am tomorrow and will try to Skype somewhere down the road before Santander.
Take care

M and D


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