Day 722 – Cabopino – 22 Feb 12

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Day 722 – Cabopino – 22 Feb 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,
Yes, Paul and Jackie are back…….oh my poor liver! Great to see you again.:BigGrin:

A rather raucous Happy Hour on Friday 3rd. Hour! That's a joke. Didn’t get rid of them all till 10pm – 5 hours!!:beerchug:

What a windy night – no not me! Got more than 40kts in gusts and had to re-tighten the awning in a couple of places. Luckily my Velcro awning invention did the trick. Prevented any damage.

Also an earthquake in Alicante today. 3.5. Wonder if Biff and Erica felt it.

Drove into Benalmadena to have lunch with Dougie and Elizabeth Graham who are staying for 7 weeks at the Sunset Beach Club. It was good to see them again. They have brought their motorhome and it is parked outside the hotel with dozens of others, who are wild camping for free on the municipal car park. Nice location. Nicer hotel!

Went to Benalmadena Marina which is very nice indeed. Shops and restaurants galore. It's possible to catch a ferry to and from Fuengirola (€13.50 return). We might try it on Tuesday or Sunday. They’ve also got an Icebar at the Marina.

Won the quiz AGAIN, but there were 5 of us and it went to a tiebreaker. On a hat trick now!:coolthumb:

Paul and Max and the boys arrive on Saturday night and we’ll be going for a cheapo Chinese in the harbour on Sunday lunchtime. Also going to a Valentine’s do at La Despensa on Saturday night with P and M and P and J. Should be a laugh!

More strong winds last night.

Thrashed Paul at Clag last night. He must start practising!!!!:Wink:

Off to Olivia and Stephens this afternoon, Friday 10th, which starts a week of intense activity.

Excellent tapas and snacks with the guys but far too much vino collapso! Finished up at P and J’s playing cards and eating chocolate pie until midnight. Oh dear.

Had severe attack of urticarial on Saturday but recovered by evening for Valentine’s at La Despensa. ( But I think I'm finally cured ).Nice meal and Shirl had a good dance.

Morrisesses arrived on Sunday and it was great to catch up. Had a Chinese in Cabopino with Carole and Brian, followed by a walk on the beach, where we found another careless wild-camper stuck in the stand.

Had a serious electric failure this morning. Power went off and electrician came and found the circuit breaker boxes blackened with burning. It had blown our 15amp fuse. Might have been nasty! Shirl had been getting minor electric shocks off the taps and cooker the night before!

Drove into Fuengirola and caught the ferry to Benalmadena with the Morrisesses. (€13 for adults return and kids €6) Nice boat ride and the Marina is worth a visit.

Followed by a mass invasion of the Schnelli at La Cortija. 20 of us took over the restaurant and had a thoroughly noisy night out. Good value and close enough to walk too.

Rained on Wednesday and Friday!!! Heki still leaking so it will have to be fixed properly next month.

Cards and footie tonight with the Morrisesses – hoping for a Burnley win at Reading. Fat chance!

Farewell Paul, Max, Ben and Jack. Great to see you for this holiday week. Paul, you will have to brush up on the Petanca! See you in April.

Then to Funny Beach near Marbella on Sunday with Brian and Carole to visit the craft market. Worth a visit and then walked into Marbella for a tapa or 3.

Played golf at Cabopino - €40 including a cart for 18 very long holes. Pat, Jim and Paul all struggled round and it took 5 hours or more. It's too long a course really for non-regular and unfit golfers. I think the La Noria 9-hole is preferable. Cabopino is very picturesque but a bit too hilly. Definitely couldn’t walk round! Also saw a Upapa/Hoopoe bird on the course.

Quiz night again when we go for the hat-trick. No joy – only second but a great effort from the two Caroles.

Well, all for now. The next blog will be just before we set off for Santander via Cordoba, Toledo, Salamanca and Burgos – weather permitting!

Take care,
M and D

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