Day 700 – Cabopino – 31 Jan 12

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Day 700 – Cabopino – 31 Jan 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Second again in the quiz! Must do better!

Discovered what's causing my urticaria! Dairy products – maybe. Although I think it's also preservatives in food. Stopped eating them and they cleared up. Goats milk/cheese OK. Problem solved hopefully – unfortunately, mozzarella IS dairy so pizzas are out for a while. You’d be surprised how many products have dairy extracts or traces!

Shirl went on a walk from Marbella to Cabopino yesterday, along the beach – 8 miles. There was a group of 12 hardy strollers who ended up at Andy’s bar for a well-earned vino! Good effort!

Happy Hour on Friday. A good one!

Then to Malaga on Sunday to visit the Picasso Museum and then lunch on the beach. Nice day out – a bit of culture for a change.

It's getting worse – only 4th in the quiz this week!

Sorting out vehicle servicing today, 25th. SMC in Newark have been very disappointing with regard to customer service. I don’t know what's gone wrong but they have lost me as a customer for the Motorhome and 2 cars. About £2k+ per annum. Their loss.

So we are going to try CamperUK in Lincoln after many good posts on MotorhomeFun. We get an 86 point Premium Service, extensive Habitation Check and MOT for £660 inc VAT! I reckon that's good. Can only give it go. So it's booked.

Sorted out the MOT for the Smart dealer – Autochek in Storrington, West Sussex when we stop off at Carole’s brother at the end of March. They fixed Smartie last August at very short notice, so we’ll give them another go.

Ordered parts from Autotrail as well. The hand basin (£111) has lost its gloss so needs replacing. Also, both sets of taps are dodgy so unless we can tighten them up, they will be replaced.

Went with a crowd up to the ‘Sportsman’ bar on Friday for a race night. Chicken in a basket – now that's a trip down memory lane to the 60’s. Good fun though – lost my shirt as usual.

Off to the Boot Fair at Mijas Racecourse this morning – just like home. Managed to get about 30 DVDs for €8. Bargain. Downside is that I have to watch more Midsomer Murders……………:Doh::shout:

Carole and Brian arrived from the UK on 31st and are settling into their apartment in Cabopino Harbour overlooking the sea.

Paul and Jackie are due back today. Be nice to see them again after their adventures in Portugal. Fined €49.88! for a traffic offence. Oo-er!:Sad:

Finally, after many, many attempts WE WON THE QUIZ!! (With a little help from Linda.)

Well, all for now, life is getting busier if anything. :Cool:

Home next month,
Take care
M and D

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