Day 685 – Cabopino – 16 Jan 12

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Day 685 – Cabopino – 16 Jan 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Well, Christmas and NY have once again come and gone. It's been very pleasant here at Cabopino – great weather and better company. Cheap as well! We’ve been saving €10 pw since March, so we had a great lunch at Puerto Banus and an excellent night on NYE – all for free really. With a bit left over for a few extras. Great system. It's also much, much cheaper to live and shop than the UK in Spain. One doesn’t get sucked in by the commercialism. We buy just what we need and because of the socialising aspects – costs are spread out. We’ve been under budget for 4 weeks now. And no gales to cope with.

Spawny Leeds … twice this season and the 5th time we’ve lost in the 95th min +++. It's not on!
At least we were in the play-offs for 19 minutes! It's a start.

I’ve been suffering with Giant Urticaria – really bad now after about 3 weeks of rumblings. Don’t know what's causing it but hoping it doesn’t lead to a relapse and more lower body numbness. Have to wait and see. I’m on the serious steroids now. It's not all fun out here! However, it should be mentioned that the Spanish ‘Pharmacy’ is a wonderful place. If you are able to self-medicate, then they will supply ALL medicines at very reasonable prices with few questions asked. They will also discuss minor medical issues so an expensive or inconvenient visit to the doctor or hospital is not always necessary.

Went for drink at Andy’s on the beach last night with Geoff and Linda. Lovely sunset yet again, but No. 1 NY resolution down the swanee! Hit a few golf balls at the driving range and looked at the clubhouse for Cabopino Golf. €80 for 2 including a buggy after 1330. Not bad so maybe we’ll try it next week. Geoff and Linda set off for Santander today and should get home on Saturday. Bon Voyage and hopefully we’ll meet up in July. Great to meet you.

A bit disappointed with the 3 Kings Parade this year. Went into Marbella with Steve and Edna and waited a couple of hours for the start of the parade, which was late, of course. Even the Spanish were looking at their watches so it must have been late. It only lasted about 1/2 hour and there only seemed to be less than half the number of floats compared with last year (I suppose cutbacks are another sign of the times!) and they ran out of sweets! I bet the kids were v fed off about that. No plastic bags full of sweeties for them. If that had happened last year the twins would have been well miffed. A great pity really that festivals like this are so badly affected by the Spanish financial problems. A bit like the A7 motorway street lights being turned off because no agency will pay the electricity bills. The reality of the lack of finances is really beginning to bite and affect the general population in a serious way.

Poor old Pat is looking quite unwell and Maria is taking him to the hospital this morning. Let's hope it doesn’t require surgery and that he returns to his old self ASAP. Get well soon, Pat.:thumb:
Well, he came back from hospital after being put on a drip and asked to stay the night…but Pat is not a hospital person so he’s home looking much better. Got some impressive looking pessaries though!!!!!!! Rather him than me…poor Maria!!!!

Sat down in the harbour for a couple of nights at Andy’s Bar with a bottle of wine and a bowl of chips. It's fantastic to be able to watch the sunset in such lovely, warm conditions in early January when the folks at home are freezing. Can't ever see us changing this lifestyle. Only a grandchild or ill-health will bring us home. Touch wood!

Well, it had to end sometime. This morning, after 49 days of unbroken sunshine – it rained for – 3 seconds!!!!!
Then it was a bit cloudy till 5pm when the sun came out again. Anyway, it has given me a chance to get on with the book. I’m up to 300 pages and 100,000 words now. Just 16 chapters to go!

Off to Fuengirola in Smartie today to get a €5 lunch at the famous KonTiki in Los Boliches, recommended by Bill next door. A bit cloudy but we’re getting 'van happy! Up late at a music quiz last night – and yes, we were second – AGAIN! Saw 2 wags parked on the front at Los Boliches

Well, the Kontiki was a great disappointment. Yes it's €5 but the food was worth about €1. I had Liver and Onions – what liver? That's what I say! This type of restaurant is not the reason we have come to Spain. €10 Menu del Dias in a Spanish run restaurants is the way ahead. It was a mistake to try the touristy English rubbish again – but you live and learn. Thought we’d give it a go. Never again. (unless of course, we’re starving or shedded!)

NB – useful info:
Got a parking ticket in Fuengirola as we didn’t realise that a ticket was required. Negligent really. Anyway, got back to find a €60 fine!!!!!! However, there was a way out. If, within 24hrs you pay ,,,,,,,€6.55 at the machine, put the receipt in an envelope and place that in the parking machine – you get let off! Phew….saved ourselves €55 by asking a helpful local waiter. Lesson learned – getting too casual. Hope it works!!:Doh:

Another week has slipped by and on Sunday we are going into Fuengirola to see some live Trad Jazz with P and M. Then more tapas! It was the New Orleans Jump Band and they were really good. Watched them in the Variety Theatre in Fuengirola which is a really nice old fashioned theatre venue. It was packed – mainly with ex-pats.

However, we’ve got a bit of rain on Monday – it’ll help clean the 'van. Should be OK again tomorrow. At least the leak in the Heki has gone again.

Brilliant 2-0 win at Middlesboro today, Premiership here we come!!

Well, that's all for now. Only just over 8 weeks until we set off for Santander.

Take care
M and D

PS: Spotted our first Processionary Caterpillar nests in the fir trees above the 'vans next door. Hopefully, they won't hatch before we leave!!:shout:

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