Day 670 – Cabopino – 1 Jan 12

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Day 670 – Cabopino – 1 Jan 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

You’ll be back from Vegas by now with our Millions - not! Looks like you enjoyed it. And still single!:Doh:

Well, Christmas has come and gone….but before Christmas we had a Petanca Round Robin with 5 teams in pairs and I am now the new World Motorhoming Pairs Champion with my partner Stephen.

Then it was a week of Christmassy stuff. Went for a Schnitzel with the crowd to see off Stephen, Olivia, Edna and Steve who are popping back to the UK for a few days to see family for Christmas..

Looks like you had a great time in Vegas. We watched the wedding live and enjoyed Elvis! You looked good in your bridesmaid’s outfits.

We had a street party with Paul and Jackie on their pitch on 23rd at noon. About 20 people ate and drank till about 9 pm. We had a Secret Santa and a quiz which Peter the Littlest Hobo won. A good time had by all with Ted entertaining us on his guitar. Think we drank too much Cava! And then a cork stuck so Paul learned the skill of Sabrage. Peter, ‘The Littlest Hobo’ won the quiz…again!

A Champagne bottle holds a considerable amount of pressure. Early bottle designs tended to explode, and the manufacturers kept making them thicker until they could contain the pressure that is caused by the release of carbon dioxide during the fermentation. The inside pressure of a typical Champagne bottle will be around 90 pounds per square inch. The diameter of the opening is 0.7 inches (18 mm), so there is a force of about 35 pounds-force trying to push the cork out of the bottle.
At the opening of the bottle, there is a lip that creates a stress concentration. On the vertical seam of the bottle the glass is not as uniform, which creates a second stress concentration. At the intersection of the seam and the lip, both stress concentrations combine and the strength of the glass is cut by more than fifty percent. The impact of the saber on this weak point creates a crack that rapidly propagates through the glass, fueled by the momentum of the saber and the pressure in the bottle. Once the crack has severed the top from the bottle, the pressure inside the bottle and the transferred momentum from the saber will send the top flying, typically for a distance of 5–10 metres (16–33 ft). You can just use a heavy kitchen knife! We do.
The bottle neck is held at an angle of approximately 20 degrees and the sword is cast down on it. The experienced sommelier (Bill) can open the bottle with little loss of Champagne. However, it is advised to allow a small flow in order to wash away any loose shards of glass that may be adhering to the neck. The first glass poured should also be checked for small glass shards. :Cool:

Off into Puerto Banus today for the market, a quiet lunch and a walk back to Marbella. Had a superb and great value lunch on the harbour front and Carole spent her time spotting the trophy wives in their Porsches, Lamborghinis, Loti, Bentleys, Maseratis and the poor people in their Mercs! Walked back along the beach in sunshine to Marbella and caught the bus home!

Christmas Morning and looking forward to the day with Pat, Maria, Paul and Jackie. Maria is doing a turkey and Paul is doing some of his famous sweets! They’ve all gone off to Mass in Marbella with Darth Vader! It's nice to do Christmas in the sun.

Starters here whilst the turkey cooks in our oven as it's the only one big enough. 3 hours and we should be ready. Meanwhile the quiz gets done and Shirl does a Sabrage into the Swedish van next door! Ooops!

Then over to Pat and Maria’s for a 5 o’clock Christmas Dinner superbly prepared by Maria. Excellent fare and company. Didn’t finish too late and now to lose some weight. And Shirl won the quiz!

And now, after a brisk walk to the harbour, Boxing Day (St Stephens’s Day) lunch at P and M’s finishing off all the turkey and ham. Another quiz at Mario’s and 2nd again! Must do better.
A quiet few days before NYE, saying goodbye to Paul and Jackie as they head off to Portugal for a month. Only about 11 weeks till we set of for the UK again. Blimey, the time goes quick.

Also, it's an ill wind…..Euro Crisis has seen the exchange rate rise to €1.20 to the £. Makes a BIG difference to us part-time ex-pats.

Awaiting NYE and just me and Shirl going to Albert’s in the harbour. Expensive but FREE to us as we have been saving especially. Going for a swim on New Year’s morning, well Maria and I shall be going, I think dad will be taking the photos as evidence and holding the towels!

Went into Cabopino for a Friday night bevvy and met up with Geoff and Linda who have moved into the slot next to P and M in an Autotrail. Very nice couple, but are only here until 5 Jan – 2 weeks only off for Christmas. We don’t know how lucky we are!

Went to Albert’s in Cabopino Harbour with Geoff (Frank Skinner) and Linda. Had an EXCELLENT night and a very good NYE party. Went for a paddle in the Med at 1pm and even got to watch the Hootenanny on TV.

Happy New Year!:beer:
All for now,


M and D

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