Day 654 – Cabopino – 16 Dec 11

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Day 654 – Cabopino – 16 Dec 11
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
1 December and Shirl goes swimming in the Med at Cabopino Harbour joined by other foolhardy souls.

Ten Pin bowling at La Canada this afternoon – going in a 4-ship – Smartie and 3 motorbikes! What an escort. Had a good game although we were 2 hours early for opening time. Clearly, Paul was the Bowling Supremo – most wasting police time!

Friday and Bill and Linda arrived and moved next door followed by a stream of people asking us if we knew where they were parked! Had a freezing Happy Hour – when I say freezing I mean 16 degs C.

Saturday saw a trip out to Cala Mijas for a walk round, Christmas Bazaar and Calamares on the beach in the flaming sunshine after a windy old night – no! not me but the weather got gusty and Shirl thought the awning was going to take off – but of course it didn’t as my inventions all did their jobs.

Went to Mijas Racecourse only to find the racing was on Tuesday, so we had to trek out again when 10 of us enjoyed a sunny day betting on the nags. We had lots of winners as well – especially Steve and Linda.

Pat and Maria arrived on schedule on Sunday evening and have now settled in for a well -earned rest although Pat flies back for a week next week – so we can give Maria a good time!

Weather is holding with about 20-25 degrees C most days and 15 at night, although the gusts last week brought down some trees. If I had to criticise Cabopino it would be regarding the lack of tree maintenance – ergo the falling branches. It's not good enough, really, but they don’t care. They know it's the best campsite for 30 miles in either direction so they can afford to be lax. Compared to Benicasim, it's scruffy and some pitches are diabolical – but the general standard elsewhere is worse. However, as usual, it's Location – Location – Location!
Heard from Biff and Erica who are sporting a new grandson. They leave the UK for Santander on the 8th. Bon Voyage.

Went into Cabopino for a ‘quick’ drink with Maria, Paul and Jackie and only got to bed at 2am! Tapas, footie and crib were to blame.
Heard that Biff and Erica made it to Bonterra Park safely despite an argument with a truck on the boat. Naughty Biff, but at least the wheels stayed on!

Quiz of the week and Pizzas at Mario’s and we came second by one point but only because I wrote down the wrong answers! Could have one by 5 or 6 points – so I must try to do the quiz when I’m sober.

Had a Preying Mantis in the khazi today and after watching vids on You Tube of one attacking a snake, I got rid of it by poking it with a pointed stick. It crawled off, off the roof and into the bundu. I can have a fearless wee now!

Gibraltar today – 15th – on a charabanc. Bit of Englishy Christmas Spirit. Caught the bus at 0935 (€16) from the campsite and arrived at Gib by 1100 to find that the Spanish customs were on strike and the queue to enter went back to Portugal!! However, the driver was brilliant and after dodging down some back roads got us to gate ahead of everyone else.

Went on a tour to see the sights, saw St Michael’s caves, the apes, Africa across the Straits and did a bit of shopping. To be frank, it's not cheap any more in Gib. When you can get a bottle of gin in Lidl for €3.99, it's not worth the trip. And all the other shops are more expensive than back home. So we bought nothing. Had Fish N Chips for lunch and were back on camp by 1730. Job done for another 10 years.
Here's a piccy of the aire at Gib.

Well, all for now,
Enjoy Las Vegas and don’t forget to put that $30 on the Million Dollar machine for me!:Cool:

Have a great Christmas ……and DON’T GET MARRIED!!!!!:Rofl1:
Take care
M and D

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