Day 638 – Cabopino – 30 Nov 11

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Day 638 – Cabopino – 30 Nov 11
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Settled into life at Cabopino and enjoying the sunshine. Paul and Jacquie arrived on Friday and have accompanied Shirl to Pilates, Yoga and Petanca. Paella Sunday today and I’m going to follow a Rick Stein fish version on the BBQ. Just for us. All of the long termers are now arriving as well.

We have sorted our trailer issue. Because our pitch was truncated by the picket fence and a corner occupied by a useless brick built dog kennel thing, we couldn’t fit the trailer in. But by mum chatting up the Swedish lady next door and her asking the Dutch couple across the road who live in a static, we have parked it in the driveway of an unoccupied hut. Hopefully, t’management won't stick their noses in. I can't see that it matters as cars from caravan owners are parked willy-nilly everywhere.

Going off to Cabopino this morning to check out Carole Boyfields’ pad for her visit in January. Got some nice piccies of her apartment. Looks great.

Just got quote for pitch. Cash price: €13.06 per night (£11.56) which is a DROP from last year (€13.87). Includes electricity at 6 amps and car.
New long term neighbours and the lady almost had a thrombo when we lit our BBQ. She came running out, shouting in German that BBQs with charcoal were verboten! Of course, we checked and she was quite right, so that's the end of barbies for this trip. BBQ will be consigned to the bin. Suppose we were fortunate last year not to be caught out as we had BBQs all the time. Oops!
So the van now STINKS of fish cos I had to cook the paella on the cooker. Currently burning a joss stick to kill the pong!

A week of campsite entertainment with Clo arriving on Thursday. First thunderstorm today caused a minor flood but we were prepared and all is dry-ish! Paul and Jackie’s awning had a strut failure during the storm. Too much water pooling. Looks pricey. Hopefully, they can get it fixed.

Weather back to normal but I had a terrible night with my knee. Acute and chronic gout. It's the size of a football – or feels like it - and bloomin’ painful. Luckily the Spanish sell the drugs I need which only come on prescription back home. So no doctor.

Went to camp quiz with P and J and came 3rd out of 13. Not bad really. Weather still good but not good for Chloe’s visit. Oh well.
Clo arrives! Weather good. Hurrah! Ryanair 25 mins early and we got into Cabopino for a Tapas or 5 and ended up in bed by 1230. We tried to be quiet.

Cloudy as we set off to Puerto Banus by bus in our shorts at 0930 and the locals were giving us funny looks, but we had the last laugh as the sun came out at 1100 and we had a glorious hot day. Walked from PB to Marbella, had lunch on the beach, sat and watched dates fall on Chloe’s head, visited various tapas bars and got home by 2130. A good day had by all. Gout much better – all but cured. Off meds and will take it easy for a week.:BigGrin:

Off to Fuengirola on Saturday. Hasn’t started raining yet but we’re taking a brolly.:rain:
Oh dear…..the heavens opened……Wet Wet Wet. Stranded in Sportsbar watching Burnley lose again. Robbed by crap ref and crap finishing.

Chloe going home today, Sunday, so we’ll have lunch in Cabopino and then I’ll run her to the airport. Poor girl – got 2 good days and 2 appalling days but never mind it was great to see her and our tapas crawl in Marbella was excellent. Bye Clo, see you in May.

Sun is back out again and the weather looks great for at least a fortnight. We’ll dry out the wag and erect the Safari room on Thursday. Paul is trying to get his awning fixed and I think we’ve found a niche in the market. There are NO camping supply shops within 30 kms of Cabopino at least. I cannot understand why, because there are enough campsites to keep one going. Weird!

Detached Pauls awning after some effort as the sealant was extremely sticky. However, getting to the supplier and fitting it ourselves was no problem. A rivet gun did the trick in a few minutes. Paul replaced the sealant and it's back to normal. €600 though, so keeping the awning at a slant is a lesson worth learning.

Games afternoon organized by P and J with Steve /Edna/Stephen/Olivia. Mum won everything whilst pretending not to know the rules. Erica and Biff have arrive safely in the UK and they should be in Spain in a fortnight. Look forward to it …should arrive about the same time as Pat and Maria.

Bill put up two sides of the safari room and it’s real cosy, we even managed to eat out in the evening about 7.30pm. Usually far too chilly at this time so we are usually inside the wag. Might seriously think about the final safari side as we had a slight invasion of tiny slugs crawling up the inside of the walls – ugh! And then I managed to tread on a rather large juicy one in the dark, I’ll be having nightmares.

It rained overnight, but looking through the heki this morning it looks promising for a walk along the beach and a plate of calamares and a glass of vino at lunch time. That had to be postponed until Sunday as P and J suggested a trip for tapas in Marbella. So we had Patatas Brava, chocolate gin trifle! and a glass of cava at 4pm at our place, caught the bus and did 3 great little tapas bars including Chloe’s favourite – Estrecha. At the last one a chap just got out his guitar and started playing Flamenco. Excellent. Another late night ended in Brian’s Bar in Cabopino.:beerchug:

Was going to have a quiet night in and give the liver a well earned rest. But then Eve and John invited us to an early Christmas bash. A good night in their excellent accommodations. Might get our walk along the beach today. Nice long walk in brilliant sunshine with Calamares as a reward.

Had to rest up before going to watch the footie with Paul. Assembled my new invention for supporting the awning struts. See photo. It will enable instant awning retraction in high winds. Stole the idea from John Day.

Darts last night – it's a good laugh. Needless to say I was on the losing side (it’s Carole here) and I watched dad’s team triumph yet again. Must up the back-hander next week on the choosing of the teams!!

Bussed it to Fuengirola market, first time this visit. As usual a fairly brisk walk around the stalls, but dad was on a mission for Velcro (or as the Spanish say ‘belcro) to finalise his 3rd invention to support the awning doorway. Pity he can’t patent all these good ideas! Strolled around the old town and thought it would be a jolly good idea to have a Saturday tapas evening this weekend! Well, it does make a change from a Friday. Back in time for a sit in the sun and getting ready for the quiz night. Oh, it’s all go here!

Well, time to post blog after 2 great wins from the Clarets. Perhaps a new owner on the horizon as well! Premiership here we come.
Hope you enjoy your bridesmaid dresses!!!!
All for now
Take care
M and D

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