Day 600 – Benicasim – 23 Oct 11

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Day 600 – Benicasim – 23 Oct 11
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Paella Sunday looms. Going to try a different method. Once I add the rice – DON’T TOUCH IT!!!
I will have Sue to supervise my procedures.

Well, it sort of worked, but I’m not happy with the par-boiled long grain rice that Maite from Barcelona used. Think I’ll stick to paella rice. Good night had by all as Richard and Terri, Maggie, Sue and Bill joined us and we got to bed quite late as the Germans next door started slamming their windows shut at 1030pm. We weren’t being loud – well Bill was!

Lost in Translation
Terri and Richard are from Cardiff and have a strong Welsh twang. So when Terri asked for a Coke, as a dutiful host I sprang to the fridge and produced an ice cold diet Coke with glass.
‘No,’ she laughed. ‘a coke’.
‘Well, that's what you’ve got’, I replied, somewhat puzzled.
‘No, a COKE’, she repeats, ‘to support the windscreen wipers!’
‘Oh, you mean a CORK’ , I realised, to everyone’s huge amusement.
Well, you try to spot the difference after a bottle of vino collapso!

Shirl and Maggie cycled 12 miles return today to Marina D’Or, a huge hotel and entertainment complex along the coast. Rather them than me. It's a scorcher again. Shops were shut – oh dearie me!

Your mothers cycling toe injury is getting better thanks to Nurse Jackie – Ted’s friend from the IOW. She’s been out for a week sampling the delights of Benicasim.

Settled down into Bonterra life. Days pass quickly and we’ve only got 2 weeks left. Boules, BBQs and biking mainly. Spend a lot less money in this lifestyle. No petrol or touristing.
Off to Castellon this afternoon to pick up John from the railway station. It’ll give Smartie a run out.
Written to SMC in Newark re some servicing issues on the wag and Smartie. We’ll see if the problem is resolved. I hope it is as their initial customer service was exceptional but it has dropped at the last service.

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh! RAIN!

The Peter Kay type, drizzle that gets you wet right through. That's the record gone – 52 sunny warm days – although it is 18 degs C today but cold for Shirl.
Said goodbye to Peter and Jennifer and their Autotrail as they trek south. Said hello to Ted and Irene, Jennifer’s sister who arrived in their Autotrail yesterday.

We heard that Almafra Campsite in Benidorm had gone bust and was closed – soon to be re-opened by another company – Orange Grove? Anyone heard any different? However, Almafra is answering their e-mails). It's probably another campsite rumour based on hearsay.

Late night in Friday after Tapas at our place. Your mother became the dancing queen once more – obviously her toe is better. Oktober Fest for the German community today and oompah music is currently floating over the site.

Subscribed to Skype phone calls today. Unlimited calls from the computer to any landline for £3.90 per month. It will be useful when we get back as our BT line has now gone.

Hopefully, a quiet evening tonight and a very quiet Sunday.

Fat Chance!
All for now
M and D
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