Day 60 - Canterbury - 1 May 10

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Hi Clo

Glad to hear you got another week at the new job. Hopefully, they will organise a formal interview at some point – but hey, its a job and good pay doing what you are good at.

We are at our forward staging post of Canterbury at the Camping & Caravanning club site. Nice pitch on the grass in a quiet corner.


Settled in OK and for the first few days the weather was great. Went into Sandwich for a visit. Nice place – and guess what we had for lunch???


Lots of very nice old buildings & a fair local market where we stocked up on last minute stores. Stopped off at a Vineyard in a village called Barnsole – unfortunate name – & we bought a few bottles. OK but not as nice as the stuff in East Mersea.

Went into Canterbury today and walked around the cathedral. Impressive & very large. Loads of foreign tourists about – and thats what we’ll be next week with any luck.


This is a piccie of mum in Sandwich. I’ve always said she’s a bit wonky.

She’s off in the Smartie visiting an old school friend in a local village. Hopefully, she’ll get it back safe as its her first sortie solo!

Weather looks dodgy tomorrow, so we’ll spend the day in reading the Sunday papers for the last time. Last episode of Corrie on Monday as well. Alan & Mary are coming to the site on Monday so I suppose we’ll have a BBQ & a farewell drink.

Mums bike has got a flat tyre so we’ll have to fix that on Tuesday after a visit to Halfords.


Ferry on Thursday at 1000, so we’ll miss the election, although we’ve voted by post already. Hopefully, the posts will get a bit more exciting once we are on the continent.

Take care


M & D
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