Day 6 - Brighton - 8 Mar 10

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Hi Clo,

Unfortunately the kitchen sink problem continues although Bill has solved the blockage, the waste water just doesn’t want to flow through the system. Air locks and pressure have been mentioned but I now think it will get too technical for me, anyway this is not disaster just a bit of an inconvenience – we will overcome!
Crystal Palace has proved to be a very comfortable and convenient site. Although we are parked under a rather large mast we have not been irradiated and live to tell the tale.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were picked up by our old friends Sarah and Ron and taken for a pub lunch which gave us ample chance to catch up on news and families. The rest of the day was spent lazing in front of their fire reading the newspapers, and after supper we were returned home to our wag. It was a bit chilly to say the least but thank goodness for heating and a good hot water bottle. Sunday night was pretty cold as well -2.
Bill has developed a cold which he has caught off sister-in-law Mary (her ears must be burning!) Sunday another bright and cold day with further repair work followed with a nice afternoon stroll into the ‘village’ area for a cup of coffee and a read of the dailies. [​IMG]

This is the life! Tomorrow we will be packing up and it’s onward to Brighton. Weather should be good and hopefully we will be getting the bikes out for a bit of exercise.

Uneventful trip from Crystal Palace. Really amazed at the quiet roads into Brighton. Prob time of year. Got a nice pitch here and have been into Lidls to stock up. I am doing the washing – every Monday I reckons. Bill might need to buy a pair of tracksuit bottoms for showering & working round the van as he keeps mucking up his jeans & they are not easy to dry. Quiet night in and out for a bus ride into Brighton tomorrow. Only got £35 to last til Friday!!!!!!

Bye for now – hope you had a nice weekend.

M & D
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