Day 592 – Benicasim – 15 Oct 11

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Day 592 – Benicasim – 15 Oct 11
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Yes, it's that time again – STATISTICS UPDATE………
In the meantime…..I thought we had come to Benicasim for a rest!!!!! Social life here is great.
And we got a mention on last Fridays, (7 Oct) Simon Mayo Drivetime on Radio 2 when we were transitting from Sitges to Benicasim. World Famous now!

Walked into town last night for a live Jazz/Blues Street concert. Excellent evening with Ted, Maggie and John after Happy Hour at Vic’s whilst the girls watched Strictly. ODG! I also got stung by a wasp.
Today a cycle ride to Oropesa – about 5 miles each way.

Well, STATS::Eek!:
592 days on the road since 3/3/10. 81% of days sunny and fine.
Currently 47 sunny/hot days in a row.
We’ve been on 93 buses, visited 83 markets and 30 Cathedrals.
Also visited 27 of the 42 English counties and 4 Welsh ones.
Been on 82 campsites in 11 countries. Seen 15 of the Spanish Osborne Bulls.
Currently eating ‘out’ 17% of the time. About once per week.
Spending €431 per week.
310 days in the wag in 2010/11 at £12.83 campsite fees per night – a drop of 16% on last year.
Best Campsite Europe : Bonterra Park, Benicasim.
Best Campsite UK : Clitheroe C and CC
Worst Campsite: Camping Wijnstock, Imperia, Italy.
Average Distance Driven between Campsites: 101 miles
Average Leg Time: 2 hours 35 mins
Average speed travelled: 39.31 mph
Average Fuel cost: £1.21 per litre
Average MPG: 22.24 towing
Péage Kms France: 1503 at 14 c per km
Péage Kms Spain: 397 at 9 c per km.
8851 miles travelled in the van
Using Smart Car 42% of days
Saved us £1600 after expenses.
1525 miles in Smartie this year.
And finally, we’ve had 10 punctures and 6 stings.

Benicasim continues to be warm and most days are spent on the beach.

Done the market and went to Teds birthday party on Wednesday. Hair colouring day today whilst most people have all gone to Valencia for the day.
Nothing to report except that a cloud has appeared overhead. Still warm though.
Decided not to go to Marjal near Torrevieja in March on the way home for the MHF meet. We’ll go inland via Toledo and Salamanca and check out Wellingtons legacy. I must admit that I got a bit fed up wading through hundreds of random chatty posts each time I wanted to check progress on the meet. I’m afraid that we don’t have super-fast broadband and internet access is intermittent when on campsites. So that was the deciding factor in the end.

Had a great night out with Bill and Sue at the camp restaurant with live music. Met Peter Rodriguez of Southampton and Chelsea fame. Nice chap.:thumb:

All for now
Speak soon
M and D

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