Day 55 - East Mersea - 26 Apr 10

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Hi Chloe,
Glad to hear that you have been offered a 2nd week and wish you luck in your interview this week.


Well, so far we have had a cross section of weather here in West Mersea – overcast, glorious sunshine, wind and some rain. But that’s English weather for you!

The journey south from Norwich went without any problems and an earlier reported accident had been cleared by the time we drove through that area. Again dad held his nerve on driving through old Colchester and out on the A1025. Lucky for us the tide was out as otherwise we might have had a problem crossing the Strood Causeway into Mersea as an exceptional high tide one can catch one out with water across the road.

Waldegraves Holiday & Leisure Park is very spacious with a mixture of static homes, caravans and motorhomes. On arrival we practically had one of the fields to ourselves, talk about idyllic just relaxing under our sun trap of an awning and poor you working in a hot office – never mind …… only 33+ years to go until retirement!

We are about 50m from the beach, which I am sure in the height of summer is popular, but at present is good for strolling along. Once the tide is out there are many mud flats visible with a mixture of sand and clay, so not exactly good paddling conditions, not unless you have your wellies on! Needless to say we walked into W Mersea along the coast which took us about 50 mins each way. We have also cycled in and out of town. You would be proud of us – the exercise we are getting! Mind you there was a reward at the end of it, in particular a swift half at the Victory on the harbour front.

The harbour is very much a workplace with fishermen bringing in their catch& sailors working and repairing their vessels. At the weekend it became very busy with tourist, bikers and more sailors. We met up with Sarah and Ron for fish and chips at the famous Oyster Bar. Well worth a visit and the choice of fish is incredible especially the local Rock Oyster of which I didn’t partake. This was repeated on Sunday when Rob came over to visit us bringing a few bits and pieces we had forgotten at home – what are we like!

We also walked to a local vineyard and of course, sampled some of their wares – well what could you do, one has to help with the local economy! I must admit the wine was exceptional, especially the Mersea Blush.

On Friday we left the site in the morning as a lonely motorhome with only a family of ducks as our friends, and returned to find we had been surrounded by a mixture of weekenders. To one side we had a Mods/Skinhead ‘meet’ and to the other a caravan of Essex ladies on a girlie weekend. What more could one want! The Mods were all in their ‘Ben Shermans’ and ‘Dr Martens’ and some had arrived on their Vespas equipped with tents. It was quite a sight to see. One couple had travelled all the way from Wales in their motorhome and casually rolled out their scooter from the ‘garage’ at the rear of their home. Now that’s what I call style!

Things did liven up considerably over the weekend, but all in good fun. I did hear that the site entertainment was lively and very liquid. Needless to say we had our BBQ and a few glasses of wine and quietly closed our doors to it. Not miserable just sensible!

Sunday’s rain forced most of the weekenders to pack up and leave and by Monday we were once again the only motorhome on site and our family of ducks returned. It was now time a bit of touring so we took Smartie for a run to Manningtree, Brightlingsea and Wivenhoe. On our return journey we attempted to pick up a few provisions from Asda in Colchester which turned out a bit hellish. Signposts were abysmal and the traffic so heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend driving through Colchester if it can be avoided.

Off to Canterbury on Wednesday after a quiet day on the field. Might manage some pitch & putt.

There is a degree of depression over Burnley’s inevitable relegation. Never mind, we’ll be back next year.


M & D
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