Day 525 - Torbay - 9 Aug 11

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Day 525 - Torbay - 9 Aug 11
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Hi Clo,
Had a brilliant reunion with the Englands, the Morrises and their friends, Jan, John, Liam and Stevie at Summerlands Park near Salisbury.

A weekend of feasting ensued. Paul gave Carole a Masterclass in Remoska cooking. 2 large chickens and veg were prerpared to perfection and 10 people were fed royally.

Saturday was shopping and a BBQ assisted by Jack (Pyro – boy), and on Sunday whilst everyone went Geo-Cache-ing, (some people were not that involved!). Sue, Bill and I lurked around the campsite listening to England win the cricket – too loudly, allegedly, and preparing Paella Sunday – which was enjoyed by all. We tried to invite some Cloggies over for a nosh after we helped erect their tent in a wind. No dice – too tired after travelling thousands of miles from Holland. Also, an Italian caravan pitched up next door.

Monday saw a visit to impressive Stonehenge (£7.50) with the Morrises followed by a lazy afternoon packing up, the boys cleaned my car, and then we all got thrashed at Poker by Ben (Handbag – Boy). A goat came to lunch and almost ate Jack! We left Summerlands on Tuesday en-route to Paignton.

A sad parting but perhaps we will see the Morrises at Cabopino in December if Max can persuade Paul to stay in a hut – or perhaps they can blag the villa.

Great to see you all again. It makes this full timing lark really worthwhile. A fantastic weekend.

Travelled down to Widdecombe Farm, near Torquay, and the roads were really quiet, A303/A30 and it's a good idea to travel mid-week this time of year. The camp is Adults Only…..NOOOOOO! not that – no Kiddies!!!!

Nice large de-luxe pitch in sunny position. Camp is well appointed with very good facilities (£20 pn). There is a pub/club which provides bingo and entertainment during the quiet evenings. Buses come and pick up the aged and take them to Torquay. Carole is on it today!!!
Did Brixham by car yesterday and had a fishy lunch. Saw Annie and Richard’s pad on the quayside which overlooks the town. Very nice harbour but the grockles must do their heads in. Berry Head was worth a visit and one is able to look out over all of the towns of Torbay and see almost to Portland Bill, 40 miles distant. Might catch a boat for a trip later in the week. However, I need to take it easy as my foot is giving me severe gip. Doing too much I think. That's why I’m in today whilst Shirl is out on a solo adventure. (at M & S)

Rained all last night, but, joy of joys, my bodge-job of sealing the gap in the awning that SMC should have fixed, worked a treat. Well done Bill!
Shirl booked a boat trip (£10) to Dartmouth for Friday and we set off in Smartie and parked on Torquay Marina (£8) and set sail at 1045 for Brixham. Got to Dartmouth and spent an hour or 2 wandering round. (saw a Claret, of course!). Then off up the coast to Slapton Sands where thousands of US troops invaded and trained for D-Day. All of the locals were temporarily evicted in complete secrecy. In April 44, 749 US troops were killed while training on Operation Tiger, which preceded the attack on Omaha and Utah Beaches.

We got back around 6pm and our feelings about this camp were underlined when during our evening meal, the woman in the next caravan came out and emptied her toilet cassette 5 feet from where we sat under our awning! Selfish, rude and oblivious in the extreme. Would it have hurt her to wait 10 minutes while we finished eating. Enough said! Also, they have washing machines BUT you can't hang your washing out to dry!!!! Weird.
Foottie season starts today at home to Watford. COME ON YOU CLARETS!
Drew 2-2 from 2-0 down. I’ll take a point.

Went to Totnes for a drive. Pleasant little town with an officious English Heritage Parkie who ran us off the castle site because we took 20 seconds to decide not to go in. I’ll be glad to get out of this bloody country – even rioting in Walthamstow now!. Did a boot fair on the way home and picked up a load of books and DVDs.

Pleasant trip into Babbacombe and caught the funicular down to the beach and walked back up for a Cream Tea. Very windy today so the awning came in. Also took in the awning of the van opposite while they were out.

We are both ready to leave here now as the atmosphere at the campsite is not good. The owners are particulary rude and off hand. Dog owners allow their pets to do their stuff everywhere and anywhere and as usual it's never near their own pitch. Carole counted 15 washing lines around the camp but the staff gave her a really hard time for erecting ours. All they want is their own long term cronies spending cash at their naff clubhouse. Widdicombe Farm - never again. Nice toilets though.:Angry:

Here’s to seeing some decent old friends at Cheltenham and in Cardiff.

All for now
Keep safe walking home in Walthamstow!
Mum and Dad

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