Day 5

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Weather very Scottish this morning, it's raining.
A better day all round though, Steph is a bit better and the rain dried up around 10 am.
Deciced to go through the locked gate opposite the site and make our way down to the disused railway about 3/4 of a mile away which leads into Killin. Glad we did we bumped into the estate manager who told us that, if you are doing no damage, you are not going through someones garden or if there is a crop you go round the edge then you can walk where you like irrespective of locked gates and we should ignore them. So feelin much happier now.
Walked into Killin, then walked the Achen woods (Steph not up to the hills yet) which was a nice walk. Saw some unusual (for us) funghi piccie above and a herd of Red Deer on the opposite hill (too far away and light too bad for a good photo but I have posted the best one I got). You could hear the stag baying all the down the glen. Looking forward to tommorrow now.

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