Day 481 – Clitheroe and Home – 26 Jun 11

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Day 481 – Clitheroe and Home – 26 Jun 11
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Hi Clo,

Got to Preston OK and site entrance a bit narrow but managed to squeeze in. No sign of owners of site – apparently on holiday – so we just parked up. 2 or 3 other vans about but very quiet.
George Bollenberg came to pick us up and we had a nice drive to Blackpool for Fish ‘n Chips at the Cottage where apparently the ‘Stars’ eat. There was a picture of Les Dawson, The Nolans and Russ Abbot on the wall but I think they are all dead so it hasn’t seen a ‘star’ for some time – unless you count Blackpool FC!! I don’t.

Drove along the front where a lot of work is going on, but Blackpool is quite a sad sight – full of drunks and hen nights!.

Drove into Lytham St Annes on Sunday and looked around where we planned to move in the late 80’s when I was working for BAE. Glad we didn’t. The Grammar School we looked at for you has been converted into luxury flats. Also sad.:cry:

Off to Clitheroe this morning to see Mad Brian and Julie. Should be fun. Not going to Buxton, near Derby, on Wednesday as weather predicted to be doggers. So cancelled CC booking. No point in paying for the privilege of sitting in a wet field. We’ll move further south. Looks like the wx will improve by next weekend. Planning 2012 already and looks like a long trip to Cabopino via Holland, Luxembourg, Bavaria, Liechstenstein, France, N Spain and Portugal. Phew!!! I’ll wear your mother out if it kills me and it probably will! :Doh:

Trip to Clitheroe was short and sweet. There’s a castle…sigh! Mad Brian and Julie looked after us really well. We had Aperol sitting in their garden and a nice lunch and BBQ on Tuesday. Brian was on good form as usual whilst Julie did all the work! Great to see them both.:Rofl1:

Fairly straightforward trip back to Lincolnshire, but took over 4 hours as A1 blocked at Newark. Our househunting has stopped, so we are now getting all outstanding admin out of the way before we depart South next week. Lots of people to see and then to Belgium for a quick visit. Over to Wales and then a week with the Morrises in Salisbury before crossing the channel to Le Havre on 21 August.

Will see you on 14 July-ish. At Lee Valley until 17th.

All for now

Love M and D
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